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His movies his music sense.....  Its crazy awesome.
When his movie jab we met came I thought its so awesome that there is no way he can make any other movie better than it.... Than came love aajkal... And after watching that I thought there is no way he can make a better movie than that... And than came rockstar and  same thing happened all over again.... His tamasha also a gem.

His music sense in all his movies.....  The best music.  That's the music....  Jab We met love aajkal rockstar tamasha.....  

His movies don't have manipulative music like these  ankit tivaris... Baadshahs....  Arijits of the world....   No..... His movies carry classic music.  The old fashioned.....

Ring / guide / rehnuma.....  Is so anticipated for me.
asked in Opinion by Director (137k points)
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There should be a dance number for SRK in the movie sung by Neeraj Shirdhar, like Twist in LAK, it would be awesome.

answered by Production Accountant (26.6k points)
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I Admire Ali's Cinema. I Really Do Admire Ali's Craft. Tamasha Was My Most Favorite Movie From 2015.

answered by Production Accountant (25.2k points)
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He is genius..........

Hopefully, Rehnuma is masterpiece in making...
Not flawed expectations. Not even the over the top expectations. Expecting from Genius.

answered by Assistant Director (43.1k points)
+1 vote

previous bo performance...?

answered by Assistant Director (53.6k points)

........i dont have to care for the boxoffice agenda ......... i am just looking for a good movie from a great filmmaker. and ring should be that.
the boxoffice worrying part....
that srk fans department... if they'd be sweating over it or not.... keeping in mind srk current boxoffice status.

@Lxbhdfc ..harr cheez ko paiso ke tarazu mein Matt toulo . Art naam ki bhi koi cheez Hoti hai.

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