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I Skimmed Through Confessions Of A Thug, And Believe Me This Is Going To Be Epic. A Spine-Tingling Tale Of Crime Which Is Exciting & Chilling At The Same Time. Aamir Will Be Playing Ameer Ali & Amitabh Will Be Playing Ismail Most Probably As These Two Are The Two Central Characters. 

"Ah! sir, if I had not been in prison twelve years, the number would have been a thousand." - Ameer Ali Boasting Of Committing 719 Murders. 

in Movies by Production Accountant (27.1k points)
98% Accept Rate

Side Note: Confessions Of A Thug Went On To Become The Bestseller In Britain In 19th Century. It Was Also Queen Victoria's Favorite Novel.


Tab to another All Time Highest Grosser
and Diwali change Box-office collection

6 Answers

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I can remember the brutalness which he has shown in his one of the earliest films Raakh. And I expect even more.

He should try to challenge Srk in this movie. I mean Srks brutalness, real brutalness. He is behind Srk in this skill of acting. Brutalness....

by Assistant Director (43.6k points)
selected by

Perhaps You Haven't Seen Ghajini. Anyway I Wanted Aamir To Play A Ruthless Murderer Or A Merciless Rebel For A Very Long Time. Ameer Ali Is Exactly The Character I Want Him To Step In.


Why Is The Word Murdere-r Censored? Special Treatment To Salman Khan I Believe.


Dear Ode To My Father
Ko halke me mat lo
If Tubelight Critics Review 4.5*l
Everyone known Box-office collection


Wo Dar nahi lagta jab ghajini dekhta hoo to....

+7 votes

Ye to maine bhi padha hai thoda thoda....didnt know that movie is based on same novel. Thuggee acts & their techniques for robbery are really fascinating & interesting...another great script for aamir.

by Assistant Director (48.6k points)
+4 votes

Means goodbye families.....
When Aamir Khan will be busy terrorizing people with that brutal story Salman Khan will be giving them the good family stuff.

poor family during partition... They have to go to India from Pakistan there are two brothers(one mentally challenged) and sister(under 10 years) father mother... Father tells the elder son that he will have to take care of all if he doesn't make it. And child salman promises he will take care of the family (and the father doesn't make it)
During transition his sister gets lost.... And they have no where to go... No place to live and no one to look after them. It's a struggle throughout for the rest of the family.... When salman Khan sacrifices his childhood and adulthood for the sake of his family and his promise to his father.. .. Untill at the end he finds his lost sister.

by Star (152k points)

Aray pagle... Kisi bade ko lai k a.... Us se baat karun tjhe samaj main nahe ayega.

Families k baghair koi film badi hit nahe ho sakti.... Limited appeal k sath film kahin nahe jaanay wali..... Talaash ko mat bhoolo.


Sholay was big hit. It was not too family friendly. SuperStar wo hota hai jo kisi bhi genre ATG de sake. Kyonki har genre mein bahut achchi story banayi ja sakti hai.


Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahi
1-Ode To My Father
3-AnanL ..

Expected all movie Critics Review 4.5*


Ode to my father can not make it to the 2018 release ..Dabangg 3, or if not then it'll be Remo's next.

+2 votes

Aamir will nail this. He was brutal in a subtle way in 1947 earth and in ghajini he was menacing too. I have also skimmed through this novel. No doubt it will be the biggest grosser on diwali.

by Director (132k points)

Novel pe banate to alag baat hoti, they just made a cross of POTC, KRANTI & BAAHUBALI

–1 vote

You actually think that YRF is going to make this..??

And aamir too..?? They didn't even showed aamir as a proper thief in Dhoom 3 lol, at least despite HR being a hero, was actually a thief..!!

And you want it to be A rated movie so that you can get A rated ATG..??

Great, now I also want TOH to be A rated movie...............

But be realistic, neither Aamir's character, nor the movie, will reach to the level of brutality you are expecting..!!

But I want it, I want TOH to be the most brutal movie and A rated, so that we can see an A rated ATG

by Mega Star (210k points)

I also think YRF is not going to make it very brutal. I think violence in movie will be at level of Sholay. Hope they can make it as good as Sholay but I don't think Viktor has those kind of skills


Why Aamir khan would wanna make another sholay........ Didn't Aamir already have a sholay? Mela.


Who said they are making another Sholay? I told that that violence in the movie will at the level of Sholay . At your age one should have better comprehension skills.


–1 vote

I hope they enhance his height just like they did in d3... A small guy killing people will not look convincing

by Unit Manager (32.4k points)

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