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+4 votes

I was so excited for Raees.  SRK has been my favorite and well I liked his acting but ... not anymore... One should mature with age... even actors too... 

Mahira has the same type of acting as well.  

What a let down!

This review here describes my feelings for Raees

in Reviews by Costume designer (1k points)
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4 Answers

+3 votes

Unnecessary romance track and all that robinhood/Apni Dunia thing spoiled it for me .

by Camera Operator (9.5k points)
+2 votes

take out apni duniya BS and mahira khan. raees had the potential but still good

by Unit Manager (34.5k points)

Mahira Khan was ok in her role, it was just bigger than it should have been
And yes, take the apni duniya BS!!!! Like seriously!


Yes, Apni duniya thing was bs, waste of screentime, acha trimming kar sakte the.


Apni Duniya ki maaa ki ***
We were promised a Raees who if raise his hand is for slapping someone and not for romancing bull shit.

+2 votes

Story & climax.......... big letdown. But as a King Khan fan... enjoyed lots. Whatever collection done it's all due to his fans... neutral are not coming to theater.. due to poor content.

by Executive Producer (64.5k points)
+1 vote

The 1st half was good, the second half sucked big time. Srk should have been shown as an out and out gangster not a social worker..the second half was well......bad.

Pre climax when he is trying to raise money and get caught in the blast situation is stupid.....to say the least. The makers could have done so much more with raaes......but they chose to make a mess out of it.

by Director (127k points)

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