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Cooking the Box-Office Books
The box-office war between two recent films, each starring a top male star, has been heating up to the point that it’s gotten ugly.
Insiders are saying the father-son team behind one of the films has been inflating their collections so much it’s not even funny. While it’s common practice in Bollywood for producers to add a few crore to their actual box-office numbers, trade pundits are saying the makers of this film have exaggerated their numbers by nearly Rs 20 crore.
The objective, it appears, is to claim that the film has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark.
However, experts say the film’s final tally will peter out well before hitting that benchmark.
Meanwhile, the other star producer is reportedly leaving no stone unturned to show massive collections for his own release.
While there is no question that his film has a sizeable lead over the other movie, some have sniggered at the methods he may have employed to achieve this.
One insider says the star, who recently performed at a private wedding for a top industrialist family, asked that his Rs 1.5 crore fee be paid in the form of block-booked tickets for his film.
asked in Movie Discussions by Unit Manager (31.7k points)
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Oh yeah and SRK will agree for leaving 1.5cr for 30-35 Lakh SHARE.


I think this is not about money, this is about maintaining the perception that audience is still flocking to SRK or SRK still sells like hot cake . If that perception is lost then he will lose way more that 1.5 Crore.

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seems like fake article or pr stuff of taklu or may be srk's hater as srk didnt performed in any wedding though he was guest in ambani's wedding and they r like his family so no way he will charging them but even if he gets money then it legal and he got paid for his hardwork amd entertaining people which is better than torturing/destroying your young brothers career or abusing ur own papa and draging him to courts who launched u in industry


answered by Location Scout (4.3k points)

these chindicine and other sites circulated these news just to cover inflation news of takla ** also SRK Is BAADSHAH nd one biggest entertainers of india nd he CHARGE in 6-10 CR range or even more ,do u think he will charge just 1.5 cr lol

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Anyone who frame this rumor clearly is unaware of Box office.
Which sane person will sacrifice ₹1.5cr for ₹30 Lakhs. If the client has given Bulk Booking of ₹1.5cr even ₹46 Lakhs will go to Government while around ₹50 Lakh will go to Exhibitor leaving ₹55 Lakhs approx for AA films, Excel & Red Chillies.

Believe me SRK isn't dumb to do this.

answered by Super-star (166k points)

lol true !


I think this is not about money, this is about maintaining the perception that audience is still flocking to SRK or SRK still sells like hot cake . If that perception is lost then he will lose way more that 1.5 Crore.

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Complete Bullshit, Insiders cant the insiders come out and clarify the thing , SRK will have money in private functions but this is completely bullshit

answered by Assistant Director (40.8k points)

Check pm......................

+7 votes

Kuch bi likhega....................

answered by Executive Producer (64.3k points)
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Dhandhe ke liye Jo bhi sahi wo sahi hai...
Per mujhra karke opening di isme stardom to pakka nahi hai...
Really really shameful act.....

answered by Director (127k points)
–2 votes

baniya ka dimag..................

answered by Production Accountant (23.6k points)
–3 votes

He will do anything... Except for hiring a team that'll get him good scripts. Buy one ticket get one ticket, release movies on iTunes, nacho shadiyan main and help them with buying bulk tickets..... If salman Khan was doing all that stuff.... His movies would have been even huger.

These guys.... Stay all day on Twitter... Spamming with their movie stuff, reviews, collections, opinions.... Salman Khan never does that

The other day srk was tweeting something like raees 275cr world wide..... I mean is there any self respect left with this guy.

And then coming out in media and saying... I dont believe in numbers. What a hypocrite

answered by Star (146k points)

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