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asked in Reviews by Second Unit Director (73.3k points)
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Whats this ????? When i posted this post ? I didnt posted this .



charlie sahab k hawalay karo ye baat .....

kowsigan sleep typing karta hai.


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How about that? Brief review from me...


Positives -
1. Suriya roars again taking off from the previous part.
2. Racy screenplay.

Negative -
1. Nothing new.
2. Every other character is wasted.
3. Follows the same template as Singam 2.
4. Ordinary CGI work.
5. Bad Music.
6. Forced comedy that just doesn't work.

My Rating = 2/5


Positives -
1. Amazing performance by Saurabh Shukla & Annu Kapoor.
2. Akshay Kumar gets it right once again, looks like the character & lives it.
3. Entertaining all the way.
4. Good first half with commendable performance by everyone.

Negatives -
1. Gets extremely unrealistic despite the attempt to realistically deal with a relevant & serious issue.
2. Huma Qureshi is wasted.
3. Songs don't gel well acting as speed breakers.
4. Second half syndrome.

My Rating = 3/5

answered by Mega Star (248k points)
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Jolly llb2
It's a film with it's heart at right place, I was expecting more comedy but the drama and pace of the film make it worth a watch. It is one of the best courtroom drama we have seen in recent times which makes some valid point about our society and judiciary. Casting is perfect with every actor shines their respective roles but the three leading men are superb, Akshay Kumar is good as always but the two veterans annu Kapoor as pramod mathur and our teddy bear saurabh shukla as justice tripathi are outstanding especially his dance on gulabo I love it.
Overall subhash Kapoor makes a good film with good first half and superb second half.

answered by Assistant Director (41.4k points)
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A strictly average movie. Nothing like Akki's recent ones. One time watch!

answered by Assistant Director (44.8k points)
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very nice entertaining film. Shukla ji Rocks 4.5/5

answered by Production Accountant (25.7k points)
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singam 3

Story & analysis:

After a Special Arrangement, Narasimham (Suriya) Lands in Mangalore to solve the puzzle of City Commissioner`s Murder. Eventually he finds out, it is much bigger than just a murder. How he fights the high and mighty involved in this and finishes them, forms the rest.

The 1st half is ordinary with nothing new or exciting. It is the Good 2nd half which makes this a watchable one. Masses are going to love and cheer for the happenings on-screen which doesnt even give room to think with Jet Speed Narration. S3` on the other hand has poor comedy and average music which eventually make this only a passable one time watch despite good 2nd half.


Suriya did a great job in his intense power-packed role. He is equally ferocious and is as good as the last 2 outings. Thakur Anoop Singh as the main baddie is okay and adequate. Sharat Saxena is good along with Sharat Babu. Shruti Haasan and Anushka have limited roles to play and are more than adequate. Supporting Cast are okay.

Music: The Music is pretty ordinary here and Background Score is slightly better.

Action: Obviously Over The Top, Okay.

1. Singam Brand
2. Jet Speed Screen-Play
3. Other Commercial Elements

1. Poor Comedy
2. Average Music

Rating: 3 / 5

answered by Assistant Director (54.6k points)

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