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According to BOI , it is Delhi Belly (2011 release) who start the manipulation trend but why they forget to mention MNIK (2010 release)..

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MNIK collection for BOI & Official is almost the same for 1st week but after that a huge 10 cr manipulation done by the makers to claim that the lifetime numbers is decent...

But because MNIK is Srk Starrer (BOI Owner & their crush) so may be they skipped its manipulation...


asked Feb 10, 2017 in Actors by deepak_bishty Director (131,071 points)
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  1. Red Chillies didn't gave official figures.
  2. It was1st film of Fox in India & they reported Gross figures i.e. 110cr approx
  3. 82cr is figure of BOI.co.in which hungama copied.

Yes Srk is very bhola bhala baccha , poor guy never do anything wrong but always blamed...


Ok so you are saying Srk is small actor & Fox give their manipulated gross figure without even consulting to Srk...

Why will they consult SRK. Its studio wish to give figures and i take Boi figures before 2012 with pinch of salt.

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boi love saga for srk and his films still continues

yesterday they wrote a love letter to srk by mentioning time and again how srk star pull saved raees otherwise that film was destined to collect below 50 mark but srk megastar pull somehow managed to cross 130cr mark.

answered Feb 10, 2017 by laber Location Scout (3,680 points)
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The biggest question is how MNIK, RA. 1 and DEVDAS are clean hits?

answered Feb 10, 2017 by shah Executive Producer (61,805 points)

this exclusive offer is given by boi to only srk films

@shah There will over 100 films which had less share against budget but declared HIT, even Super HIT. why? because they had less distribution price.
ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA budget 60cr, share is 41cr.
Agneepath budget 71cr, share 67cr.
PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO budget 180cr, share 106cr.
BAJIRAO MASTANI budget 145cr. share 85cr.
SINGHAM RETURNS budget 105cr. share 77cr.
So on......

@laber keep crying, you are born for that

@marif: any non srk movie which were clean hits with net collection less than the budget?

@sanjeev11 In recent time there is no film but that is because BOI don't take other stars market value as high as SRK.
BOI always take higher market value of SRK films be it for Devdas, MNIK or Ra.one.
and when these budget don't have anything to do with a film verdict then why asking such a silly question like a idiot -_-
Even you know BOI took higher market value of SRK for those above mentioned films.

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Manipulation trend was started by aamir wid ghajini in 2008 when he celebrated '200 cr in 2 weeks' success party, whereas even in its entire lifetime it didn't do 200 cr......

answered Feb 10, 2017 by saransh Unit Manager (31,040 points)

Oh really then what about Dilwale dulhaniyaan ke saath sabko pakayenge...

Srk & YRF team celebrating the fake collection success from last 20 years...

Hahahahaa abki paar HAHK paar

After 5 Year
Abki paar 100 Cr paar

After 20 Years
Abki paar avataar par.

What fake collection success?? Yrf hasn't released any collection of ddlj from maratha mandir.......It's running in maratha since its release is a fact known to most people except srk's haters........So after setting the trend of undergoing internship for longest time(20yrs to be exact), aamir started the trend of manipulation also by claiming "200 cr in 2 weeks" whereas in reality ghajini had done around 150 cr in 2 weeks, means a manipulation of 50 cr/33℅.........Jai Ho Rakesh calculator ke guru 'jalab aamir khan& ki.......

It is running on their own funding & still YRF/Srk giving fake collection in market time to time...

A 50-55 cr movie increased to 81 cr jai ho guru ghantal srk baba ki...

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