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+3 votes
My Opinion-


2.ETT/Ra one

3.ETT/Ra one

4.3 idiots

5.Dhoom 3





in Opinion by Assistant Director (49k points)
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Yes oboiusly Only one poster(Aamir Hair Cut) make Huge buzz ghajini movie.........


Hahaha. ...fuad mere bhai. You are from my country. Meri Izzat mat Duba yahan.. ..


Bangladesh me Ek poster aya, Kuch dost same hair cut diya and he thinks ghajini is most hyped/ buzz film ever in India....confused ke laugh or cry


bangladesh mhe 2-4 SRK fans hee and think SRK 3.6Billion(o sorry 4Billion fans after release HNY)....hahahah cry baby 80cr hahahha

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Best answer

quite agree in ur list till top 6... after that dabangg or even bodygaurd could have made it in rest.. even dabangg deserved in top 4 o guess...

by Unit Manager (31.8k points)
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Sorry bro forget dabbang...dabbang should be top 5....

+2 votes

When it comes to buzz these movies comes to my mind
Ra One -Due to SRK coming as a Superhero along with extensive marketing ..Also it was SRK's First Big Hyped movie even type movie in 4 yrs
Ghajini- Aamir in a never seen before role ...It was a Massy action movie and I guess it was his First too in a long time
Dabanng- Salman in a never seen before Massy role.... Salman as BadAss cop created huge hype
Now Ek Tha Tiger Dhoom 3 K3 also had huge hype but those were due to Banner Top actress Sequel Production Values

by Producer (103k points)
+1 vote

K3 Had huge buzz just the timing of it was not good also BangBang

by Costume designer (1.2k points)
+1 vote

If you are talking about real buzz then the ranking is..
Dhoom 3
Ra One

by Director (129k points)
0 votes

Ra-one had some unprecedented Buzz ever in Hindi Film cinema , that was the only reason it received more negativity as it didnt lived upto expectations then comes ETT as people were eagerly waiting to see him spy role,then comes dhoom 3 and krish3

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)

You mean ghajini buzz less then ra one,ETT,d3,k3?hahaha your answer just like hny best movie even....4/5


ghajini did had buzz but u are asking about more buzz , then in all time list Raone and ETT are way ahead of other


Way ahead?hahaha BTW yaar rehne dee...4/5 star HNY..


for me buzz of hny was good but after watching trailer and movie alas, i guess raees buzz was much bigger then hny and dilwale , for me it lived upto my expectations leaving boxoffice aside and would considered one of the best movie of srk in this decade after MNIK

0 votes

Ra.One tops followed by ETT and then Ghajini..there is only one true opinion for it and that's this, no other opinion can be true..Ra.One had humongous buzz, unachievable for any current movie, though TZH can replace ETT.
Secondly if Srk ft. in the Tubelight trailer or promos then it can touch the level of Ra.One's buzz considering Srk-Salman together hype..
Btw Dangal buzz is well below movies like Krrish 3, HNY, Chennai Express etc... Dabangg, CE, Bodyguard deserves place on top 10...
My list would be
1. Ra.One
2. ETT
3. Ghajini
4. Dabangg
5. 3 Idiots
6. Bodyguard
7. Dhoom 3
8. Happy New Year
9. Chennai Express
10. Agneepath

by Director (135k points)
edited by

Even here you can see its Ra.One for everyone at the top...Maybe as an Aamir fan you felt the buzz of Ghajini is higher than Ra.One as yes it was huge...Happens with all Srk movie for me. But Ra.One's hype is as of now, unmatchable for others..


A Bangladeshi is judging /arguing about the buzz of Indian cinema. and he thinks ghajini buzz was the best which release in 2008....when this Bangladeshi user hardly knew about Bollywood. Lol
Izzat bachana hai toh at least don't argue.. .everyone here will rank Ra one over ghajini.


Izzat or SRK fans hahahah 80cr karke v izzat hee teri ko?abe ghadhe My openion bola...teri jeche fan nehi hu har SRK movie ko best movie ever bola.....And next next next movie break all record a sab nehi bola...

0 votes hyped film ever, srk was literally everywhere, from newspapers to magazines to almost everywhere.
Next for me was ett, the teaser had created monstrous hype, salman and yrf combo had made all the right noises.
d3 and k3 come next in line due to the franchisee factor.

by Star (140k points)



Yep, ghajini comes somewhere in between ett and for me, but yep it would make the list for sure.

0 votes

Although what i have seen everywhere ..
1. ETT / Ra.1
2. Dhoom-3
3. Ghajini / Dabangg
4. HNY / Bodyguard ..
these 7 movies were had huge buzz thn the rest.
thn comes ..
K-3, & 3 idiots ..
Dilwale & Agneepath didn't had huge buzz & CE had a little over it ..

by Editor (85.7k points)
0 votes

first of all i dont know the buzz meter because it seems almost all salman khans recent had best buzz.... thats why dabangg biggest day , bodygaurd biggest day, ett biggest day , prdp biggest day. sultan almost biggest day. while all others including these biggest or second biggest weekend minus 2.

but here we go....

1- EK tha tiger
2- coolie
4-dabangg/dhoom 3
9-dhoom 2
10-dabnagg 2

by Star (153k points)

Coolie you mean of Amitabh naah?
If yes there will be many more films like Khalnayak, Trimurti, Mrityudata, Insaaniyat, etc.

0 votes


dhoom 3

ek tha tiger...

ra one....

in this decade.....

by Assistant Director (48.7k points)
–1 vote

Buzzwise: Dhoom : 3
Curiositywise: PK

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

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