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This weekend's Prediction war post for Jolly LLB 2 will be published by midnight. (Wednesday 12.01 AM IST) 

All the rules and FAQ is down below. Please take a look and if you have any suggestions to make it better then feel free to make a comment under the post. 

Who can participate in this competition?

The users who have registered for the Box Office Battle. A raw list of all the players registered in the competition can be found here 

How to participate?

Every Wednesday, the users participating in this competition will be asked to predict the Opening Day and Opening Weekend nett box office collections of a film . You will be provided with a link to the Google forms in which you'll be able to submit your predictions. 

 *assuming it as a Friday release.

The Scoring System:

The user-submitted predictions and the actual box office collections will be compared and the differential(gap) between the actual and your prediction will be given out as points. 

Actual (-minus) Prediction Differential

For  eg: 

Suppose, User A predicted 11Cr, and 12Cr for a film's OD and OW and User B predicted 10.5Cr and 12 Cr for the same film.

And actual collections came to be 10.55Cr and 11.75 Cr. The difference between the actual and the predicted figures will be given as points for the Users.

So in this case,  

User A‘s points for Opening Day and Opening Weekend  are : (1110.55=0.45) + (1211.75=0.25) 0.70 Points.**

User B‘s points – (10.510.55=0.05)* + (1211.75=0.25)  = 0.30 Points**

The winner here is User B, w/ least differential.

So, Lesser the differential/points, more chances of you winning. 

** Points will always be in Positive.

Challenge / Face-OFF: 

Each weekend the winner of the Individual leader-board will be given an opportunity to challenge any user in the leader-board of his liking for a face-off in the coming weekend's prediction.

Eg: Suppose User A topped the leader-board with least differential in a weekend and he opted to Challenge User X for the next weekend. The coming weekend, the prediction competition will be held as usual, but the differential of those two players(User A and User X) will be taken aside and the one with better differential among the two will be announced as the winner of the face-off. (More details on this will be updated on Next weekend's prediction war thread)

The topper can also choose not to exercise this power, and he can choose someone else to use that power instead. And the second user who receives this power must challenge someone else other than the topper for the same.


The last time when I organized the Prediction wars, the competition was simply 1v1 and there was no role of alliance whatsoever. But this time, there will be two leaderboards for the Prediction Wars - One for all the registered individual users, and second one for the Alliances.

The individual leader-board will be based on the scoring system explained in the section above.(The Scoring System)

The Alliance Leaderboard: We'll calculate the average of all the predictions submitted by the alliance members and consider it as the prediction made by the Alliance as a whole. Then, We'll use the same scoring system as the individual leaderboard to calculate the leaderboard. 

Source for the Actual:

Since the inception of this forum, we have been using Boxofficeindia.com figures for all the competitions/reference, and since we dont have any other alternatives available at this moment - we'll continue to use the BOI figures for Prediction wars.

The figure available from BOI on Monday(4th Day) morning weekend update will be used for calculation.

If any film's box office figure is tracked by Rentrak/ComScore then that figure will be considered final.(Over BOI)

asked in Box Office Battle by Assistant Director (47.4k points)
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And also, the Challenge / Face-OFF part - unlike last time im thinking of doing something else for the winner and the loser.

Maybe the winner should be given an advantage, like the option to wait to submit just the weekend predictions until the first day estimate from BOI is out.

A disadvantage for the loser have to be thought out. Maybe penalty just like last time would be fine.

@Zin...got the idea/concept abt the least differential ...
but was not able to understand the calculations i.e.
how (11–10.55=0.45) + (12–11.75=0.25) = 1.5 ? and
User B predicted 14 cr for the OW (as mentioned) but there is nothing related to 14 cr when u are calculating his/her points....
User B‘s points – (10.5–10.55=0.05)* + (12–11.75=0.25) = 0.5 Points**. ? Nothing is mentioned here related to his prediction of 14 cr.....

Tuesday Night is the best option...3 days before

@Abbie Thank you so much man. I actually copied a lot of content from last time's prediction war page, fault tabhi hua.

@Puneet Wokz. Tuesday midnight hi tha plan. Thoda jaldi rakh lenge.

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This post was lying empty in the answers , so I thought of writing something .

answered by Producer (113k points)
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    ...........faith in humanity restored.............

@charlie you da mannn

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