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Raees 2nd Saturday Business : 4cr, Total : 118.50cr [BOI]

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Raees showed growth  of around 50% which is the normal trend for the second weekend. The film collected four crore nett on the second Saurday taking its 11 day total 118.50 crore nett. The growth on the second Saturday is not huge as films can grow 80-100%. Although here the film has had an extended first week so growth was always likely to be less.
The film will cross the  business of other Republic day week releases like Agneepath and Airlift shortly but its still an under performance. Even taking into account the clash the film still managed to open and the problem has been holding. The business of Raees till date is as follows.
First Week -  1,11,75,00,000 (nine days)
Friday - 2,75,00,000
Saturday - 4,00,00,000
Second Weekend -  6,75,00,000 (two days)
TOTAL - 1,18,50,00,000  apprx
The business of Kaabil  has caught up with Raees for the first time since they released as both films have grossed similar amounts on the second Saturday. Kaabil could go ahead of Raees possibly on Sunday or one of the weekdays
asked Feb 5, 2017 in Movie Discussions by Rocsky Unit Manager (31,655 points)
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Movie is loosing its charm and business is dropping with each passing day , the max verdict now it can get from here is semi hit while according to producer figure super hit is surety from here...

answered Feb 5, 2017 by deepak_bishty Director (127,595 points)

Raees has no chance to be Hit..It needed 150 CR to be Hit..It's DP is high ...Dilwale was too high.. Dilwale ki DP itni high thi ki it deserved Average verdict and same for Jai Ho

Well according to my source distribution price is around 60-65 cr only so let see

Lol 60 CR...55 CR toh Kaabil ki haun DP...Only 60 CR for Raees ...Hahaaaa...It's min 70 CR ..Can be 75 Cr too

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So lifetime would be around 130 cr and have high chance to get hit verdict due to less distribution price, well ego have effected both films here Jan was never a good date to release a film and that too with clash both the movies will combine do around 240cr which itself a big achievement , though Raees effected around 40cr whereas kaabil around 30 cr

answered Feb 5, 2017 by IamLostSoul Assistant Director (40,772 points)

hw is Raees effected around 40cr against kabil a smaller film wch us collecting very less even after gud wom..whereas kaabil around 30 cr against bigger film wch was collecting gud amount compared to kabil..
so here u indirectly saying hr is a bigger star than srk bcoz srk lost 40cr against small film kabil nd hr only lost 30cr even after bigger film raess wch was collecting gud amount...

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