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Raees - Satanic C grade garbage

Raees is a poor boy who studies in 4th or 5th standard and also making liquor with local people, one day in school his teacher asks him to read what she wrote on board but Raees sits in last bench and he has eye numbers so he couldn't read and then his mom's takes him to doctor to find that he has weak eyes and he has to wear glasses to see properly. Now his mom does not have money but she only wants to purchase glasses for Raees in cash, she needs no help whatsoever. Raees decides to steal glasses from a statue of Gandhi and takes those glasses to doctor only to find out that Gandhi ji has different numbers then him and glasses won't work but this time doctor gives him 2rs to make glasses.

I am not going to write on the story further then this, you have seen the stupity in the story by first scene it self. It is badly written movie which makes adverse effects on logical minds. It is so stupid and looks cheap on screen, it often feels that you are watching some ill C grade Bhojpuri cinema.

Shahrukh Khan fails to portray poorly written character in this horrendous script.

Actress has nothing to do, absolutely no scope but still for some reason she is there, maybe to sing songs who knows.

In short no character matters as it is very very horrible movie, the story is so bad that it horrifies your soul, Satanic thoughts may come while watching this movie.

A big 0 out of 5. Why they released this movie? It should be demolished. Writers should go to Tibetan monks and learn meditation. They require peace of mind.
asked in Reviews by Casting Director (19.9k points)
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I agree. It was a trash. Enough said!


Hahha..........you're so funny. Now I look forward to seeing you do more reviews in the future if you are still around.

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"I am not going to write on the story further then this, you have seen the stupity in the story by first scene it self." ...

Therock ur insane how can u give zero star to much awaited cult classic raees... Come on man hav some mercy.. atleast to the word CULT CLASSIC

answered by Production Accountant (27.4k points)
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I like reading your reviews.They are damn funny always.

answered by Star (140k points)
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what is ur view/opinion abt sanskari emotional blockbuster prdp,jai ho ,bodyguard and many more countless shits?
raees is catered for single screens like dabang so i guess u found it avg and also cuz of our censor board and lukhas like bjpigs director tonned down its original script so blame them and btw which last flim did u liked and praised ??

nd i am ur old friend

answered by Location Scout (4.3k points)
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Its a very average flick, but not rubbish. I am waiting for the day when a hindi film gets a 4 star rating from you.

answered by Producer (106k points)
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If Sultan got 1 star from you then Raees deserves zero no doubt...Mine rating of Raees is 2/5 after watching it in Theatre

answered by Producer (101k points)
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I love reading your reviews since those old days, akash. What is dead may never die.

answered by Set Decorator (1.6k points)
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hmmmm....welcome back rock.....

what is your rating for kabil and dangal.......

answered by Assistant Director (42.2k points)

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