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For first time in our history estimates given yesterday for a film is highly varies from actuals arrived today. We don't know what has happened. We always calculate estimates from samples we have. However it is shocking when actuals are nearly double of estimates. It is even shocking considering film registered drop in occupancy in addition to reduce in screenings. So, how can actual of 2nd Friday be greater than that of 2nd Thursday? We are extremely sorry for the miscalculation of early trends yesterday. Hence, we have decided to give estimates in bracket also from here on.
They should, and not only them all sites including Bollywoodhungama should stop posting their collections.
And also its high time for both FilmKRAFT & RCE to grow up, specially FilmKRAFT as they forced RCE to manipulate figures as RCE can not let Kaabil's collection (producer figs) to go higher than Raees's official figures as that would create negativity in media..
Collection manipulation should be stopped!!
related to an answer for: Raees Second Friday Business [BOI]
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Very shameful that someone speaking truth has to apologise for this. All websites should start giving only their own tracking and stop giving producer figures. Rakesh Roshan started all this, forced SRK to follow and now all websites are unsure whether to openly call the figures fake.

by Assistant Director (41.8k points)
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That's why Lord Blanka is not visiting Forum ..

by Editor (85.6k points)

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