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Q. Is Salman Khan the only Khan now as even Aamir khan will not have a big grosser with Talaash?

A. It still remains to be seen where Talaash goes. They are all still Khans but right now you can say Salman Khan is the biggest by a fair margin. Also if Talaash does not gross big its more to do with the genre, director, writers, music etc and film in general, not Aamir Khan because whatever it does will be because of him.
in Opinion by Director (135k points)
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2 Answers

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Lol so you have to search the entire data of BOI to final one line (old one of 2012) where they actually praise Aamir khan...

Ok then tell what is other special in Dangal other then Aamir to become athg.

Dangal Become the highest overseas grosser in 1st phase (BOI yet to post it overseas achievement while in case of Srk starrer , they never forget to mention his plus side)
Aamir become 1st actor to give 3 atbb - No article

But for Srk Chindichori (under - performer) - For each under-performer 1 special paid article.

by Director (129k points)

Feeling sad for Aamir jisko BOI ne sirf ek baar praise kiya aur usliye aaj tak ro raha Aamir fans


Oh really is it really matter , may be yes specially for Srkians after getting continuous rejection from Audience they have something to cheer about...

Now you say if don't care then why posting their shit again & again because is is also necessary otherwise we have to face lots of nonsense article/post in coming day from the most insecure prajati in the entire world...........


So are you trying to be most insecure person to stop the insecure prajati's from posting insecure articles for you??
Kyun itni insecure ho ki ek post bhi na dekha jata Srk ka


I think you are right criminal...
Ek kahawat hai na kichadh me patthar maroge to kapdhe kharab hongey hi , tum log wohi kichadh ho..
So enjoy spread gandagi in entire world & be always like this kyunki bhaiyaa tumse to pakka na ho payega...

+1 vote

Bhai why r u so frustrated because your idol is a loser. relax man relax

by Location Scout (3.7k points)

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