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If hak lu can say the line I know the collections of my films to the last penny then y his fans cryin on talkus collection for kabil even he knia the collection of his film to the last penny... ... both hak lu n taklu gettin grilled by each others screw..... ..

answered by Production Accountant (26.2k points)
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PR work is done so much .....

now back in reality.....

answered by Unit Manager (38.1k points)
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Ek BOI ka article Aur itna heartbreak ho gaya..!!

But kya Karen, part time aamir fan, full time SRK hater, SRK ki koi taarif karta hai to seen nahi hota, dil JAL jata hai, aisa lagta hai ki kisi me garam koyla muh me ghusa diya, ya phir Antarctica me le jaakar, thanda pani body ke upar dal diya.........

Koi baat nahi, Aamir ki bhi taarif kari hai BOI ne, le pad le

Q. Is Salman Khan the only Khan now as even Aamir Khan will not have a big grosser with Talaash?

A. It still remains to be seen where Talaash goes. They are all still Khans but right now you can say Salman Khan is the biggest by a fair margin. Also if Talaash does not gross big its more to do with the genre, director, writers, music etc and film in general, not Aamir Khan because whatever it does will be because of him.

answered by Super-star (193k points)

Lol this post is not about BOI article , but still you are without even reading start your taqia qalaaam..

Ok no problem hota hai hota hai , Raees dekh ke aaya hoga pakka tu..

kya fattu mod hai be tu ,o autowala hak lu word use kiya phir bhi block nahi??

liked ur sentence... part tym aamir fan full tym aamir hater....lol

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