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They expect more than fans and gets disappointed everytime According to their expectations Srk>>Salman,Aamir & then when someone talks about his stardom they are like paid articles
asked in Opinion by Director (135k points)
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DANGAL Did Over 150Crore In Dull January. Enough Said.

answered by Production Accountant (26k points)
When Aamir Khan paid BOI (in advance)
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A movie which took opening of 7 cr,only got 40% screens and isn't performing well is a big clash just because it starred Hrithik....BM was a bigger project than Kaabil

answered by Producer (101k points)

Movie collected just 7cr, well isn't that too because of Raees only and hadn't you said yesterday that Kaabil solo itself was a sureshot 100cr with 15cr opening or so..?
With 40% screens only? doesn't that mean Raees too is getting 40% less screens that all other big movies?
Kaabil gave audience choices don't forget that...and you said it had better WOM than Raees, still Raees never let Kaabil cross Raees even for one day...


I said 100 cr sureshot .. Never said 15 CR Opening so get yours facts right.. Kaabil was max 12 CR Opener in solo on Wednesday


I said Kaabil has better wom than Raees doesn't mean it has better wom.. according to people around me Kaabil is better movie and may be having better wom..But in reality both Raees Kaabil looks to be more or less similar wom.. Kaabil wasn't too good to hamper Raees business much and trends of both movies showing it..It's not my opinion .. Kaabil is a much better movie than Raees for me


@Puneet yes Kaabil was 12cr opener and Raees not won't even touch 20cr ....your prediction and you failed in the first day itself and now again trying to be a so called analyst... and yes according to you, your society, your city and for whole India Kaabil is a better movie...even in social media neutrals are supporting Kaabil only...ever thought how much its hampering Raees business...if Kaabil would have been a bad movie, collections would be below 55cr (BOI) but now in the weekdays Kaabil & Raees going close with 1cr difference...just think about what would have Raees collected without Kaabil in weekdays...Raees is getting sidelined by all and still collecting more. clash gives choices, neutrals have gone in a big way for Kaabil in weekend which were Raees's audience.

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tere hi chu@@@pa question ki kami thi ..... Big clash n less screen.. abe gadhe Airlift too had clash kya kool hai hum3 nd airlift screen was 2300 wch is 1000 screen less than raess.. ... it was completly multiplex movie not like masala entertainer with sunny laila item dance... shame on Gangu teli aka Global kingu by masala entertainer with laila item struggling to cross Airlift a niche genre movie wch had 1000 less screen even in clash... .... well thanks for this post aaa aaa aur srk ki bezathi karwa..

answered by Production Accountant (27.2k points)

Hahahahaha playboy
You are a necessary evil


criminal if airlift is 42cr with 2300 screen toh raess konsi badi 100cr kari hai in 3400 screen.. its just 58cr.... even airlift g
having better screen avg compared to 58cr... "Raees is now dropping each day" if ur global kingu dnt have stardom to bring the audience even after gud wom toh hum kya kare... ab roh mat kitna royega... tak gaya hu tum logo ki rothri shakal dekh kar....


Ahh Raees 3400 screens...thank you for enlightening me...


kis kism ka gadha hai tu.. post bhi banali phirbi tujhe aapne kingu ki raees ka screen nai pata.. ..

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Yes the performance is not that bad but not good either...
But if you want to put (Specially his dumb fans) him in same bracket of Aamir & Salman then you have to achieve big numbers...
Now don't say clash is the factor because real stardom test is always start from how an actor is getting solo festival release while secondary stars fighting for Screens in less holidays period ...

So just accept that Srk is doing good but his effort is not enough to get him close to Aamir & Salman then it is ok rather than compare Srk regular under-perfomer with Aamir & Salman rare under performance (Talaash & Jai Ho) of recent year...........

answered by Director (127k points)

Ok let's assume that I lost my mind and post BOI post but why you lost your cool , when you are not a looser..


Ok stop it. , now it is more than over...


"I lost my mind" is a sign of frustration & desperation...I got it now, fine its over..
Regarding why I lost my cool, well I did not, I've been just seeing your responses from past few days... so decided to have a chit chat! and also I'm in the support of swacch bharat abhiyan.


Good that you are supporting swacch bharat abhiyan , hoping that others srkians will also join you so that we don't need of these types of abhiyan like this in future to clean our society...
1 to sudhar gaya let's see how many follow you..

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Good to see Shahrukh competing with the likes of Akshay and Ranveer singh. Also don't forget verdict also matters not only collections, in the case of raees the money spent is too much for productions and promotions

answered by Second Unit Director (72.9k points)
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totally agree..... wahan log 400cr cross karne walay hain ...aur idher 130cr kar k king hain

answered by Star (146k points)

Wahi toh ..jab expectations hi 400cr ka rakhoge on January with clash...disappoint toh honge hi janab... King maante ho maanta hun par itna expectation bhi mat karo jitna fans hi na kare.


jitni achi aur nayk expectation hain meri srk se..........meri expectations pay agar srk pura utar gaya...... wo dunia main rahay ga tjhe kya lagta hai???


Lagta toh hai ..Srk k bina tu toh berozgar ho jayega...

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The achievement of Raees on republican weekend and clashing with another Superstar film is still thousand time better then other superstar solo Republican weekend release Salaam E Ishq, Veer, Dhobi Ghat, Jai Ho.
Enough said

answered by Producer (111k points)

no surprises here.....srk has always excelled ..... like running from a certain clash.....

Fast and Furious origins :: Raees eid clash

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