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It is well known to everyone that Shah Rukh Khan is one among the three Khans of Bollywood and he is a superstar with lacs of crores of fans globally.

His fans know many facts about him but you might be missing some very interesting and unknown facts about Shah Rukh Khan.

Social networking site Quora is a platform where many people share so many interesting facts about some of the very well known personalities in the world scenario.

One of the user has shared some very interesting and unknown facts about Shah Rukh Khan that you must take a look.

Suryateja Rokkam(Quora User) Credit to Quora

How a car crash which happened 60 years ago gave a Superstar to India?

On a fateful morning Taj Mohammed Khan was out for a morning walk with his cousin around India Gate in New Delhi where they came across a car that had crashed into one of the pillars in the area which caused the car to turn upside down.


The impact of the crash was immense, resulting in the casualties to lose a lot of blood. Taj Mohammed didn’t waste any time in rescuing the passengers of the car.

Taj Mohammed who was 29 years old at that time with a well built structure of 6ft 2 inches along with his cousin turned the car over and pull out the passengers.

Among the victims were 4 girls and their father. One of the girls had lost a lot of blood and needed urgent transfusion. Upon reaching the hospital, the doctors hurriedly took blood samples of all those present in attendance. As fate would have it, Taj Mohammed’s blood type matched that of the injured young woman, Lateef Fatima Khan.

He literally saved her life. She suffered a memory loss. Everyday since then, Taj Mohammed looked after Fatima upon the insistence of Fatima’s father. They eventually fell in love.


When Shah Rukh’s grandfather asked his father to choose a bride from his daughters, he chose her.

Indebted to Taj Mohammed for his bravery and selflessness, Fatima’s father asked Taj Mohammed to choose a bride from his daughters. Taj Mohammed chose Fatima.


The family was shocked, for she was already engaged. But he persisted. He was also a natural charmer, and above all else, he was in love.

He did not rush things up. He waited till they were sorted out. He gave everyone time to figure out what had to be done. They married in 1959 thanks to his patience.

In 1960 they had a daughter who was named Shahnaz Lalarukh.

In 1965 they gave birth to a little boy who would go on to rule the world one day.


That little boy is Shah Rukh Khan.


Shah Rukh Khan with his sisters and maternal grandfather.


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Good article....
But change the title to - How SRK Parents Met or Interesting/Unknown Facts abt SRK Parents.....

Title like How SRK was born ------ Its little bit private matter.....

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