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LOL. There are atleast 10 non english films which have done $100mn in Japan itself. Lets not talk about China at all


He updated data of this artical & post here :- http://www.wonderslist.com/10-highest-grossing-non-english-movies/


Stop making comments out of thin air.Give proof.no one other than Aamir is there.

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Only 2 movies from Bollywood & both belong to Aamir Sir...
Salute to him for make Bollywood & India proud....

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Proud to be an Aamir fan.

On another note, Chinese film The Mermaid's 550 out of 553 million came from China itself, which is mindblowing. It is approx 3700 crore in Indian rupees.
China's population is 15-20% higher than India but their films do 3700 crore in their domestic market, while ours do 400-500 crore max. We Indians spend less money on movies compared to China.

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Yup, and we also have too many regional industries. Most Tamil people watch their own movies, most Telugu people their own movies, most Bhojpuri people watch their own movies, etc. The audience for one industry barely intersects with another.


Having that many theatres would still not help bcoz
very less people in India watch movies in theatres


There is Zero Screens in Many area, city of North India
Bro, In 2015 :- 4445 Digtal screen out of 8705 scns means 51.06% present South India [Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala]
South India Population : 251,330,895
Digital Screens : 4445
- 17.6 screen per 1 million people means in South india 56k people pe 1 screen hain
ROI Population : 958,862,527
Digital Screens : 4260
- 4.4 Screen per 1 million People means Rest of India me 2.25 Lack people pe 1 screens hain

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Great achievement for Aamir Khan and India.

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