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+2 votes
I used to follow boi. com previously for collection. But no more. I am done with fake the site FRAUD UNAUTHENTIC BOI.COM
FRAUD UNAUTHENTIC BOI.COM They have no source of footfalls and give fake footfalls with dumb analysis.
BOI is fake number 1...Sholay the most iconic film is missing from its database...fan boy sites like this should be ignored
@Bollyhungama its Trustable Website ! & shame on boxofficeindia Fake Srks Website! SHAME ON BOI

ShameonBOI Haters for trying to surpass the truth. I am sure Reality will come out
अक्सर दिखाई नहीं देता पर शामिल जरूर होता है , हर एक चूतियापे के पीछे "BOI.com "  "जाहिल" जरूर होता हैSHAMEONBOI

SHAME ON BOI Why do people give importance to a 2rs website based in UK which has no details about how it runs??
This site is definately runned by someone who is too jealous of Hrithik, or maybe payed by someone who is jealous of HR. SHAME ON BOI
Public jhutha? Cinema Hall me housefull lagne wala board jhutha ? Jis producer ko tax dena hai, wo jhutha? To sacha koun? Shame on boi.
Every trade analyst keep on reporting that #Kaabil running house full shows BOI treports just opposite figures at 11PM same day SHAMEONBOI
#Dangal and #Kaabil two of the most highly rated films recently,are rated 60% and 55% respectivelyon BOI. Need more be said ? TSHAMEONBOI
SHAME ON tBOI Boxoffice India .com website is hater of Bachchans , Ajay , Akki and Hrithik. Always under reports their films.
All fan base across India of all actor should unite against BOI to expose this nonsence site. SHAMEONBOI
After 20yr BOI will say Fan is Super Hit like what they did with Anjaam pehali etc SHAME ON BOI #TrueLoverOfSRGay
SHAME ON BOI This is called the true Success fr mena Dregaa Go to Nhi... Bt tu too Drr Gyaa re SRK..

If @Bollyhungamai s Narendra Modi of Box office collection trackers then @ BoiIndia is Rahul Gandhi . SHAME ON BOI
They are doing negativity of #kaabil and under reporting it everyday. Enough is enough @ BoiIndia SHAME ON BOI.
Dilwale budget 169cr & box office 139cr Verdict Semi Hit Kaise batao @ BoiIndia SHAME ON BOI
@BoiIndia Tu Confirm Ho Le Phle Last Diwali BLOCKBUSTER Golmaal3 Hai Ya Krrish3 SHAME ON BOI


Till yesterday shivaay rating was 41% and #AeDilHaiMushkil had... #AeDilHaiMushkil had 72%. Ek din me itna change @ BoiIndia? FRAUD UNAUTHENTIC BOI COM

SHAME ON BOI trend se Fatt gayi . So, Shame on BOI Haters paid trend startd by @ BoiIndia Tilak, Harminder,Sunil sabko jala denge Hrithikians
It is the only site where my disaster Tees Maar Khan has been declared as Semi-Hit!! SHAMEONBOI
Sabse Bada Khiladi was washout in most of d ckts but # BOI was tracking its collection via Radar, now its Superhit film #LOL SHAMEONBOI
So, @ BoiIndia @RedChilliesEnt and @RaeesTheFilm started a paid trend to counter our trend SHAME ON BOI Paid trend SHAME ON BOI Haters
Attack is the best defense. We attacked @ BoiIndian they exposed themselves by paid trend  BOI HATERS
BOI always gives real Box office collections. ShameOnBOIHaters

BOI is uploading the real and accurate collections of Kaabil. ShameOnBOIHaters

First you manipulate the box office collection and then crib about it when the truth comes out? ShameOnBOIHaters
in Movies by Unit Manager (32.4k points)
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4 Answers

+1 vote

LOL. Rakesh Roshan is inflating Overseas collection too. So is Rentrak also paid by SRK. Shameful creature.

by Super-star (168k points)
0 votes

How has Auzaar become a flop from below average? Why is Andaz APNA APNA a flop? I agree something with the boi hater. Why are MNIK, DEVDAS, RA. 1 etc hits though they don't recover budgets.?

by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
0 votes

Ha ha.... Bechara BOI........

by Executive Producer (64.5k points)
0 votes

boi is not god.....
many problem there...suddenly reduce and increase collection........verdict also shows foolishness..... ..

most ghapla in star ranking......

don't take it seriously..... it is also paid site.....just saw it and forget.....

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)

BOI 's Pre 2000 Era Data not 100% authentic.
1st they gave Data from varies Trade Magazine for Pre 2000 Era.
Now they change data & claimed they varified by each cinema.

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