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Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil has done well in its first extended weekend at the box office, collecting Rs 67.46 crore in the first 5 days of its release. The big days came on Tuesday (holiday for Republic Day) and Saturday.

The film opened very well on Sunday too and business was excellent through the day before the T20 cricket match affected the business of both Kaabil and Raees, 7PM onwards.

Monday will decide where Kaabil goes. Good holds during the weekdays will ensure that Kaabil will retain most of its shows and also get the bigger capacity screens. The audience who watched Raees (which was clearly the first choice in the first weekend) could opt to watch Kaabil in theatres this coming weekend.

If the trend doesn’t fall in favour of the film, the Roshans have only themselves to blame for going ahead with clash and ruining a potential big grosser for Hrithik Roshan. Even a top superstar like Shah Rukh Khan decided to avert the clash with Sultan, quickly realising that noone can challenge the might of Salman Khan during the Eid weekend – even though he had a film that was tailor-made for the Eid period. Raees will lose money too because of the clash, but SRK has clearly won the perception game here which should help him keep the Christmas 2018 weekend all for himself.

Side note: There has been a lot of debate over the ‘inflated’ box office collections of Kaabil and we’ve been talking to a people in the trade about all the figures that have been doing the rounds. We’ve also been gathering collections from various circuits as well as multiplex chains. The actuals or the ‘truth’ lies somewhere in between. The collections are nowhere as low as what’s being quoted as the ‘trade number’, nor is it as high as what the producers have been quoting.

It’s high time for the industry to get an independent credible source, which works with producers, distributors and exhibitors – verifies and reverifies the figures with multiple sources – before putting out the final numbers. Even though it’s impossible to release accurate figures on a daily basis, numbers could be put out after the weekend or at the end of the first week.

In a clash like this where ego, perception and reputation built over entire careers are at stake, absolutely anything is possible. There is no source that’s ‘holier-than-thou’ here. Smart manipulation of figures can happen at every level, even at the exhibitor (theatre) level and those who are willing to shell out money, can get anything done. The smallest of margins can make the good to look excellent and the average to look poor. The game is in the smallest of margins.

More on this soon in a more detailed article.
asked in Opinion by Assistant Director (41.6k points)
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Obviously they know producers are inflating the collection. They cant directly say BOI is correct as it would make BOI even stronger and they would not want it as they are competitors.

answered by Editor (81.7k points)
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Indicine is even more worst site compare to BOI , they have also a similar article at the time of Krrish 3 to get more views where they claim that Krrish 3 actual number is in between what producer number & the number what BOI is quoting (the same lines they are applying now)...

Also look at their data for Highest grossing Bollywood movie where after writing a page bakwas they are still mentioning Producer figure in their data , then whats the use for all garbage they have written.........

answered by Director (128k points)

Indicine can not praise BOI directly as its their biggest competitor so going with a middle way...

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Reducing few numbers from actuals will make people feel they are genuine that's it.
That's the mantra of boi.
And it's none other than hrithik who always faces the heat as he is a capable superstar and who always challenged khan's .
There are websites like addatoday,boicapsule,boi.co.in Nd they HV trade analyst ,whose names are atleast known to people.
But do we even know any trade analyst from boi?
Saying boi genuine is lyk saying 1gb ram phone has better performance than 4gb Ram phone

answered by Set Designer (2.1k points)

Do you know that all trade sites you are mentioning follow the same route , they give you the occupancy update twice/thrice in a day but when it comes to final number at the end of the day , they just wait for boi to give their number and then give their estimate with 5%+- from boi estimate...


Ahaaan.. theek hai Bhai..U follow boi wen it favours ur favourite star Nd oppose it wen it doesn't.
But I am not following that shit site .


I think you don't read my answer properly, BOI is best available site (andho me kaana raja) for box office figure but their commentary is worst (the way they defend some particular star by making new excuses)...

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