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How much money amir paid himself for increasing his flop and disaster movies to hits? and from 9 hits to 17 ??

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asked Jan 28 in Trolls by RAEES-R Location Scout (4,128 points)
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Wrong number hai yeh.. Phir bhi aggar puch raha hai to sun. Jitni payment Amar&Prem give to Tejaa in AAA. Utni hi (exact figures). I promise!!

8 Answers

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Aamir Had 17-18 Hits According To Every Trade Magazine. Shame On Shahrukh For Paying To Decrease Hits Of Aamir.

answered Jan 28 by Rajat Production Accountant (25,908 points)
selected Jan 28 by RAEES-R

r u that old user rajat mg??

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The amount will be lesser than Srk where he got 4 bb in bhikh.. ...

answered Jan 28 by playboy Production Accountant (26,760 points)
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no boi wrong for verdict in past.....

now they are improving.....

answered Jan 28 by power Assistant Director (40,502 points)
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Less than Srk who paid for manipulating opening figures of Hny, Ce, Raees etc. Also Less than Srk buying filmfare awards . Still Ace Aamir is ahead,

answered Jan 28 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (71,925 points)
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Bhai hasne ke liye acche hain ye questions.......I guess you cant be serious.

answered Jan 28 by Intense Cinematographer (97,835 points)
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Depends ke kitna bhaav chal rha hai...Verdict difference pe bhi depend karta hai, Rangeela ko semihit se blockbuster bananeme double paise lagenge...utne me 2 averages (sarfarosh & ghulam) ko hit karwa sakte hai...Legend says that he has spent over a 9-10crore to rectify his past boxoffice data.

answered Jan 28 by RAhil Assistant Director (48,569 points)
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12 genuine hits only.......................................

answered Jan 28 by Baazigar All Time best! (282,368 points)

Srk only 5 hits........

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bhai amir has only 8 genuine Hits(All India)-Dangal,PK,D3,3I,Ghajini,Lagaan,Dil,RH....
baaki sab BOI ka bheekh mein diye hue hits paiso ke liye....

answered Jan 28 by Real Champ Producer (101,074 points)

Tu wapas aa gaya bheekhmange

Pagal khane se kab wapas aaya? @Fake Champu

So Fake champ is back....Hey Fan of a Hit Deprived Actor from last 3 years

challo ye to pata chala kitno ki fatti padi hai mere aane se....

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