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How much money aamir gave to Filmfare to get best actor award this year


They gave it to Aamir just to show how credible they are!. Otherwise rishi has openly admitted the truth

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Awards across the world lack credibility these days.

Just look how the Academy ignored Tom Hanks' great performance in Captain Phillips. They didn't even give him a nomination! There have been many other instances like this too.

This also applies to Filmfare. Since it's India there must be some element of corruption as well as bias.

Yet all of these award walas try to cement their credibility from time to time. Like how Daniel won best actor for Lincoln. Like how Aamir, someone who has questioned the credibility of these awards for over 20 years, keeps getting recognised from time to time.

In other words they are all doing just enough to maintain public interest.

It's tragic and funny in equal measure.

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What about the time when salman won. What about aaamir

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to be fair srk didn't deserve award for films like kkhh /dtph/and veer zara.

and aamr deserved for 3 idiots, rdb,pk

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Veer zaara didn't deserve? ?and ordinary acting of 3idiots RDB, , PK deserved?? Lol


ha ha aha what was so special in veer-zara a mediocre film plus overrated acting nothing new.same type of romance acting.

fyki great Amitabh did not win for deewar and lost to greatest acting of rishi kapooer in bobby
can u justify that?

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The value maybe in millions. Who knows? He has won (buy) it numerous times. But i think now times have changed. You just have to perform or host them & you will get it.

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