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Salman fans me hadkamp Mach gaya hai. Ek ne toh haar bhi maan li hai. Becharon ka new year dangal ne kharab kiya aur sankranti hirani ne. 1-2 din baad date announce kar deta, kam se kam bechare patang toh shanti se uda lete. Waise ye galat hai, kisi ko uske peak time me jhatka Dena, yo toh  torture hai ghana........
asked in Box Office Related by Unit Manager (30.4k points)
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hopefully the clash happens....but.....mushkil lgta h,.....waisay Christmas Hirani ka bhi favorite time hai


Lol as if Dangal affected only Salman fans without Srkians how ..
Salman too has BB & Sultan both 300cr movies..
what Srk has just a single 200cr film CE ..
btw don't be surprise if Ranbir delivers a bigger grosser thn Srk's CE .. just like he had YJHD - 176cr at tht time Srk's highest was Ra.1 at 115cr
dobara agar kuch likhna toh thoda sooch samaj ke warna ulta apna mazak mat banana..

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Sorry mate..!!

Who jis me haar maani hai won yoyo hai, kabhi idhar chalana to kabhi udar chalana, jaane kahaan who kidhar chalana, uski baat par dhyaan mat do..

Point is, hirani can do anything, but tiger will eventually get his prey.........

Plus ranbir ke saath to mamla thora personal hai, Ab to Aur mazaa aayega tiger ko ranbir ko devoure karte time..!!

answered by Mega Star (200k points)

see '"We are one big family. We hope to wrap it up by June and are targeting a Christmas 2017 release.” - Raju Hirani on the #DuttBiopic
“It’s not a film about guns, drugs and the underworld. It’s a feel-good film about a father-son relationship with Paresh Rawal playing Sunil Dutt and Ranbir as Sanju… A buddy film with Sanju’s many friends adding up to one from the US, played by Vicky Kaushal,” - Rajkumar Hirani ''

this is why i consider this guy one formula director.....aik chez haath lag gayi hai, acha bhi hai yeh us formula ko use krnay mein, but he will do it again n again.....n people used to call him greatest director of this generation blah blah ......now see, he will try hard to make Sunil Dutt's character like a Dean n Ranbir Kapoor a spoiled brat, n don't forget....that brat looks at the World differently.....jst thinking who will be doing narration in the film n given task to brag abt the greatness of Sanjay Dutt......Vicky Kaushal ko shayad isi kaam k liye hire keya gya hai


So @TB can even demean SRK movies just to show Ranbir down..HNY was bigger opener in Multiplexes than Sultan... Content is the king in Today's time.... anything can happen when it comes to Lifetime...I am not like diehard Salman SRK Fans who predict Lifetime Collection just seeing the Star...U guys predicted 80 CR lifetime for BM and u got in on your face


Puneet: tell me, if 80cr prediction was wrong...i was not the one who predicted 80cr.....but now don't brag after u know the reality....why didn't u dare predicting 180cr for BM??prediction was right......even 80cr was difficult for BM in a clash......n 100cr was a huge task.....n even after seeing the film, i m still wondering how people liked it so much.....how people didn't get bore in cinemas.......leave clash....even a solo release on christmas for BM n result 180cr was not so easy to predict


Abe you puneet, read carefully

HNY was bigger occupancy wise, but Sultan had highest collections in multiplexes on it's opening day...............

Ab is me kya demean kar diya srk ki movie ko..??

Aur ye mai nahi keh raha hun, BOI be bola..!!

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Ab kya din aagaye hain tere saransh Jo kam Srk nahi karsaka woh toh Ranbir se expect kar raha hai courtesy Hirani...
waise isse ye sabit honaye ga kay ..
Ranbir who is at no.5/6 position par hone kay bawajood no.1 Star Salman se clash karega jab ki Srk who is at no.3 par hokar bhi darke bhaag gaya kyun ki "Darr ke aagay Jeet" nahi dikgi Lol..
if finally clash hua bhi toh yeh pata chal jayega ke Ranbir has balls which your star lacks ..

answered by Second Unit Director (79.9k points)
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Ye kaam srk toh kar chuka hai don se, ab ranbir dusri bàar karega bachna ae haseeno ke baad.......


Waise Dil behlane ke liye ..
yeh khayal achcha hai Ghalib ..
Keep living in past ....

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Raju ka itna chatte rahe... But kya fayda hua? Papa Raju toh Christmas se bhag gaya... Hahaha.

answered by Unit Manager (34.9k points)
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A lot srk fans wanted a clash. I wish there was clash.

kuchh toh khushi milti mere bhaiyon ko....

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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Sir clash ho raha hai aapko pata nahi? Ranbir is a megastar and the finest acting talent of his generation. What classics he has given in the last 2 years. I pray for salman to survive this attack from ranbir....the most shining star in the entire galaxy.

answered by Producer (103k points)
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Mungeri lal ke haseen sapne.... ye koi 2rs wala media star nai hai jo koi bi aye aur bajake chale jaye.... He is Sultan of Bollywood where biggies like Raju n sanjay get scared to think abt clash release toh ki baat hai...

answered by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
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As if Hirani has power to clash with Salman

answered by Assistant Director (47.5k points)
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Kahi Ranbir wahi haalat na krde Bhai ki Jo BAH ne GTGH KI... KI THI

BHAI need good wom warna Tiger Zinda Hai nhi Tiger Hospital mein hai rakhna hoga naam

answered by Casting Director (19.6k points)

you better think abt srk jis ka hal abhi filhal bahut bura chal raha hai ... Lol

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