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+7 votes
in General by Second Unit Director (76.5k points)
42% Accept Rate

6 Answers

+5 votes

And neither do die hard fans like us need to promote it so much on twitter or fb...I barely made 3-4 dangal related posts on my fb and haven't tweeted anything regarding dangal on twitter till date....

by All Time best! (268k points)

Megastar of this universe.............

+3 votes

To have one ATG is a big thing......here is a guy who has 5.....each bigger than the previous one, ultimate combination of star power and script sense. Heres now looking forward to 2018, lets see which new club the genius inaugurates then.

by Director (132k points)
+1 vote

by Director (135k points)
+1 vote

For other actors even a movie which already leaked a week before can affect their movie collection but for aamir sir - even haters admit that even in week 4 films like OK janu and xxx 3 doesn't matter for aamir sir...
Haters always crying for aamir to get free runs but if other actors can't show guts to release their movies even in 3rd week to avoid competition with aamir sir movies.

by Director (129k points)
+1 vote

Demonetisation??? kaun se gaon me rehta hai?? 8 nov ko notebandi hui aur dangal realease hui 23 dec ko,,,,1.5 mahine baad bhi asar pada kya film pe....... nuksaan toh nov releases ka hua hai..........boycott campaign??? hahahahhaahah............10-10 states me tax exemption mil gaya wo kam hai?? kaise kaise chale aate hain mu uthaa ke................"Aamir beat All this to Emerge the Biggest Hit!". Yes, aamir has emerged the biggest Hit and you are a gud question............

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)

Ya and also No top heroine, director, over the top promotions........ Aamir is god

0 votes

It had

  • Enhanced Ticket Rates - Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal

  • Tax Free 5 States - Dangal

  • Free Run 5 weeks

Has it crossed 400 Cr Hindi Version?

by Location Manager (7.4k points)

Even with that logic people are ready to pay more and watch Aamir films so there u go..
And enhanced ticket price if that is an advantage then how can tax free also be an advantage??.
Tax free means less price enhance ticket price mean more money.. So u are telling me dangal did well due to expensive and cheap tickets together?? lol

5 weeks free run? dangal has broken all the records in it's third week itself...
400cr where did i mention that??


As if any other movie has crossed 400 crore, or even 350 crore
Both highest grossers PK and Dangal belong to Aamir.
If anyone is bigger than Aamir then break those records


Free run for 5 weeks...
Hahaha OK for aamir sir OK janu +xxx 3 is not a competition simply because he is a megastar but for sallu a cheap 3rd class movie great grand masti which have no buzz prior to its release and also online leaked a week before its release is a good competition. .
Jai ho to virgin star stardom.

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