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2017 ???


I haven't listed Bahubali: The Conclusion & 2.0 because they're legit south films. Still if you think their Hindi dubbed versions can get ATBB tag then do feel free to mention them.

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I think Tubelight, Tiger Zinda Hai & Sanjay Dutt's biopic have the potential to become All Time Blockbusters. So one of those three may fall into that category. As far as the other films go, I highly doubt it but that dosen't mean it won't do well at the Box Office.

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We have been seeing ATBB everywhere from 2013 onwards Expecting one of Tubelight and TZH to be ATBB....Tiger Zinda Hain if is a good movie then has every chances to be ATBB since its release date is great plus Hugely Appealing Genre plus a sequel but Tubelight would be best bet seeing Salman Kabir's last movie was ATBB

by Producer (103k points)
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next all time blockbuster can never be lower than 350cr. so how is padmavati / sanjay dutt/ jagga jassoos / ring or rehnuma in the race???

anyways.... tiger zinda hai will be a next all time grosser and all time blockbuster and tubelight will only be next all time blockbuster agar kisi ko ungli na hui aur tubelight aur TZH ko free run mil gaya.

by Star (153k points)

Bro Eid kab hai?? Sunday ya Monday??


monday ko hi keh rahay hain sab.... par sunday ko bhe ho sakti hai..... in either cases....there is strong strong chance.... k tubelight k pehle 10 din over 20cr k hoon.
lets go with eid on monday....
30+34+38+40+35+30+28+23+30+33= 321cr in 10 days / 235cr week 1


34+39+44+44+36+30+23 =250 cr, 17+22+28 =67 cr bajrangi bhaijaan jaisi wom hui toh.


let's say Sultan wala wom bhe chalay ga.... par agar bajrangi bhaijaan wala wom hua to phir we can't even imagine.... then its a sure shot 450cr movie.

agar bajrang bhaijaan wala wom hua to second weekend will be 80cr.. because .... thursday to friday itna bada drop nahe hoga.... 23cr se 20cr ...

. tubelight with bb wom 20 + 30 + 35 = 85cr (bajrangi bhaijaan 13cr + 19cr + 24cr = 56cr )

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2.Tiger Zinda Hai

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)
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Jagga jasoos.... ....... IMO

by Director (123k points)
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Tubelight will be ATBB, tzh might end up being a blockbuster only. Tubelight will do 320cr and tzh will finish with 300cr.

by Star (140k points)
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Tiger Zinda Hai.... Hope first 400 cr film. Need good content. Salman stardom n pairing with Kat. Best release period... It will do wonders at Box Office.
Regarding TUBELIGHT its 300 cr contender but to surpass PK or Dangal... Tough.
MEHERBAAN... SRK is behind the race of Salman n Amir... Genre imtiaz... No chance. 200-230 cr will be good fig.

by Executive Producer (65k points)

Bro ulta bol diya, Tubelight is top contender for 400 cr, TZH will end it's run at 340-370 cr...& Hope SRK also cross 300 cr,All the best.


katrina kaif ka bus yehi kaam hai movie main k aik do item songs daina.... aur salman khan k stardom ko mila k first day non holiday pay PRDP ka record todna.


@ bro... nitin... Tubelight is risky film. I mean...Genre of the film. It may be either way 400 cr or 200 cr but at least have trust on Kabir.. So expecting 300 cr sahi hoga.


Nova Bhai... Kat to free publicity le legi. Salman ke sath chemistry pasan karte hai log. Mashala Mashala item degi...

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Tubelight gets my vote. Movies that can be blockbusters are: TZH, Rehnuma, Judwa 2, and Dutt.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
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Sultan was denied ATBB Status by BOI just because it couldn't break maximum Circuit records out of 13, it did 1. Having Distributor share of 158 Cr, Gross 419 Cr, when that film couldn't get ATBB, what you guys expecting from any other film.

None of Salman's film has same kind of raise which Aamir kept for whole week (only he has Enhanced Ticket Rates for all his last 3 release), no other star can have or don't opt for it.

Open Weeks mil bhi gaya Tubelight ko toh Normal Rates pe kitna karegi business, max 350 then also it won't chase down Dangal's Circuit records.

TZH had open weeks plus holidays at right time, but Action film tend to do less than anticipation, like Dhoom 3 couldn't cross 300, despite having every record in it's name (except for few circuit records).

So bhool jao sab kuch, Ace Khan pe chhod do, TOH will have another kind of Raise + Tax Exemption or anything new to push & open 400 Cr Club - Next ATBB.

by Location Manager (7.4k points)
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It will be TUBELIGHT or None ..

by Editor (85.6k points)

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