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This news is really surprising...


Maut kabhi batake nahin aati....................

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What the ****?????? That's a very bad news . Rip om puri.

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Woh gaali shock ka izhaar thi bhaisaab..It was a bad news .

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From Powerfull postive roles to Negative roles & Comedy ones ..
Om Puri has shined in every character which he played on screen ...
RIP ....

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Chachi420 was his best comedy role in Bollywood ..IMO.


May be ....
but for me his act in Malamaal weekly was best in comedy ... Ballu

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Very sad to hear it..........He left early.May God bless His Soul.

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Omg! To say that I'm shocked would be an understatement.

Om Puri was a terrific actor, one that will be remembered right across the world. Not only that but he was also a great human being.

Cinema has lost a great artist, and the world has lost one of its best people.


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great actor....not so old.....

but maut ek bahana h....

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One of the finest and most versatile actor in the industry . His powerful voice was something few actors could dream of.
RIP Om Puri

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