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Hats off to Akshay Sir, Taking risk by Doing Outbeat films like Padman & Satire Toilet - Ek Prem katha

1. Toilet - Ek Prem katha is Satire Film.
In History of India, Almost All Political or Social Satire Film r Flops. I remember Last Successfull Satire is Peepli Live [2010] .
2. PadMan - A Biopic of a Unusual Man who is not a Cricketer or a Sport person who won medal. He is just a simple man who made Cheap Pads.
in Movies by Unit Manager (32.4k points)
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Akshay Kumar is doing different films now without taking pressure of boxoffice as a film like PadMan is a bold attempt and it's hard to believe that a big star like akshay sir doing it.

by Assistant Director (42k points)
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It is very appreciable when a mass star like akshay kumar doing different films ranging from drama to thrillers and making it hit......

by Second Unit Director (73.8k points)
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First of all they aren't 'Risky' film...Genre don't decide how risky a film...It's combination of Budget-Genre make a film risky..BTW Toilet is the most non riskiest film since it will talk about Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and everyone knows the environment of our country now...
That film on Padman maybe different but it's failure won't affect Akki if it fails so cannot be called as Risky..
So for trying different you can say Hats off to him.In todays time I would say Hats off to him if he makes Masala Movie and make it work since they aren't working anymore.

by Director (132k points)

Maybe Padman will be offbeat but no chances of Toilet being offbeat film.


jst came here to read ur answer brother......love to think abt those days when u n Grand Nova were saying it everywhere that 'people lost interest in Akshay'etc.....three Hits in a single year


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