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People say that Salman is having the Best Run Ever. What do you guys think? Before giving your answer, Check the data below ;

Salman Khan's Run (2010-2016)

Movies - 10

Below Average - None

Semi Hits - 1

Hits - 1

Super Hits - None

Blockbusters - 7

All Time Blockbusters - 1

All Time Grossers - None

Biggest Hit of the Decade - None (Dangal is likely to cross Bajrangi Bhaijaan footfalls)

Major feats : 5 back-to-back Blockbusters, 8 Blockbusters out of last 10 movies.

Aamir Khan's Run (2006-2016)

Movies - 10

Below Average - 1 (Although Dhobi Ghat was an Art film)

Semi Hits - 1

Hits - 1

Super Hits - 2

Blockbusters - 1

All Time Blockbusters - 4 (Dangal is expected to become ATBB)

All Time Grossers - 5 (Dangal is expected to become ATG)

Biggest Hit of the Decade - 1 (Dangal is likely to cross Bajrangi Bhaijaan footfalls)

Major feats - 3 back-to-back ATBB's, 3 back-to-back ATG's, 4 ATBB's out of last 6 movies, 5 ATG's out of last 7 movies.
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You Are Making Things Very Complicated. It's A Simple Comparison.
ATG/ATB Streak v/s Blockbuster Streak.
Aamir's 5 ATG in Last 5 Commercial Films v/s Salman's 5 Consecutive Blockbusters From Dabangg To Dabangg 2.
I Don't Need To Say Which Streak Represents Bigger Stardom.

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Salman Can Give 100Crore, 200Crore Or Even 300Crore Sometimes. He Can Also Give HGOTY, BHOTD, DHOTI, LANGOTI Blah Blah Blah. And Its A Fact That This(Eid 2010- Present Eid) Has Been His Best Run. But That Doesn't Necessarily Mean That This Is Best Run Any Star Has Ever Seen. Overall, This Blockbuster Streak Merely Compensates For His Disaster Streak In Last Decade.
On The Other Hand, Only The Mightiest Megastar Can Give ALL TIME GROSSER. And That Too Not Once, Twice Or Thrice. But FIVE Times. Yes, 5 ATGs. Giving FIVE ALL TIME GROSSERS OUT OF YOUR LAST FIVE COMMERCIAL FILMS Is No Joke. This Historic Feat Has Never Been Achieved Nor Will Ever Be Achieved.

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Mightiest.................He he He............Sholay raised the bar so high that it took 19 years to break it.....What is Ghajini a 2.4 Crore Footfall film.........Lol.What is 3 Idiots a 3.18 Crore Footfall film,3.5 Crore Footfall all time ke hisaab se Top 20 mein bhi nahin hoge.Amitabh ki 3 Blockbusters 1978 mein 12 Crore Footfall Mightiest He He he


ATGs Since Sholay...
HAHK, Gadar, Dhoom 2, Ghajini, 3 Idiots, CE, Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal.
Aamir Khan - 5
Rest Of The Bollywood - 4


Rajesh Khanaa gave 17 Hits in 4 years and aamir gave 17 hits in 28 years......Lol

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both have bigger star and major hits in 90s...
graph going down since 2000 for salman...

.and the gap period of aamir so huge specially 2001-05 although since 2006 he is unstoppable....

i think both have seen up and down their career.....because they doesn't depend on top director banner actress.....

aamir change his gear very early to gain trust of audience.....

salman take time but since 2010 he is very consistent.....

now they fully utilized their experience....

and result is.....

no major competition for both.......

now you asking for best period. ....then aamir is slightly ahead...salman....

aamir is 10 then salman is 9.5...

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Salman was not a major star in 90's as a solo hero.he was average in 2000-2009.So Big Budget films mainly went to SRK.Aamir was not even in Top 5 in single screen era.He became big after Ghajini and salman after dabangg.This is also a reality like both are ruling today.


If you carefully analyse Salman in 90's then you will see that his biggest solo Hit is Judwaa and he was poor from 1990-1996 as far as initial pull is concerned.With David Dhawan's Judwaa he consolidated.HAHK was a word of mouth ATB.Even after HAHK Salman gave mega flops as solo hero.Bobby deol had huge solo Hits than salman.


Abe pandu ye faltu k analysis apne pas rakha kr.....if you don't like salman please keep distance.....yha p faltu bhoka mt kr .
without top director actress srk have 0 All time blockbuster and blockbuster......

and after ddlj he gave many flops ....check filmography.....even 2000-09 ....period when he did movies out of his comfort zone....

result flop Swadesh paheli ye lmhe judai ke...phir v dil h hindustani ..one 2 ka 4....billu samjha.....

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Pretty much equal for both of them. Salman has a spate of blockbusters including , aamir has been better and has given all time grossers and classic films. Both of them are having an incredible run at the box office, unless kabir khan doesnt go wrong, this will continue for salman.

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In the History of Indian Cinema..........................................Lol.Best run was of Rajesh Khanaa from 1969-1973 where he gave 9 huge hits in 18 Months.Amitabh from 1975-1986 was a one man industry.Then Salman from 2010 and then Aamir.SRK from 1995-2004 was one of the best runs although he got good competition.

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*Have a Look at Rajesh Khanaa's glorious Run -
Aradhana 1969 Blockbuster Adjusted Gross 600 Crore No.1 1969
Do Raaste 1969 Blockbuster Adjusted Gross 500 C No.2 1969
Bandhan 1969 Hit
*Ittefaq 1969 Hit
Sachha Jhuta 1970 Blockbuster Adjusted Gross 537 Crore No.1 1970
Safar 1970 Hit
Haathi Mere saathi 1971 Blockbuster Adjusted Gross 650 Crore No.1 1971
Dushman 1971 Blockbuster Adjusted Gross 470 Crore No.2 1971
Kati Patang 1971 Super Hit
Anand 1971 Hit
Aan Milo Sajna1971 Super Hit
Maryada 1971 Super Hit No.4 1971
Amar Prem 1972 Hit

Apna Desh 1972 Hit
Raja Rani 1973 Super Hit No.5
Daag 1973 Super Hit No.4
Namak Haraam 1973 Hit**


And How Many Of These Were ATGs?
ATGs Since Sholay...
HAHK, Gadar, Dhoom 2, Ghajini, 3 Idiots, CE, Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal.
Aamir Khan - 5
Rest Of The Bollywood - 4


From Aradhana Nov 1969 to Namak Haraam 1973,17 Hits in 4 Years Unbelievable never seen man.All 5 Blockbusters have footfall over 3 crore with Haathi mere saathi around 4 Crore FF.
5 Blockbusters,5 Super Hits & 7 Hits in 4 years

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I have to say Aamir.Othwrs have to follow him to break records he made.

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Dude your analysis sucks big time ..
As one can make out how desperate you are to show Aamir as No.1 by taking 11 yrs data for Aamir & 7 yrs for Salman ..
fair comparison would be to compare both for the same period ie 2010 - 2016 ..
as no one has stopped Aamir to do more films in this decade too ..
So here is the actual thing...
Aamir did 4 movies .
Talash - semi hit
Dhoom- 3 - ATBB
Dangal - BB / ATBB
not included Dhobi Ghat for obvious reason as it was just a cameo in an Art film ..
no doubt his movies D-3 & PK were ATG's
but thn again he was absent for 3 yrs after 3 idiots(2009) to Talash - 2012
2 yrs absent after PK (2014) to Dangal (2016) ..
Lastly you seem to be very confidence abt Dangal becoming BHOD in terms of Footfalls..
bhai Confidence is good but it looks more like ..
Over-confidence ..
Take it as Advice rather thn a taunt ... ☺

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okay...To be frank I didn't tried to give Aamir an Upper hand.I just asked about your opinion.
I could have skipped Dhobi Ghat...I mentioned years in brackets.It's a comparision of last 10 films (Coincidentally both gave their last unsuccessful movie 10 movies back),not this Decade. You are free to give your opinion.I'm not taking it as Taunt BUT looking at the trend I'm confident that it will do so (at around 470 cr gross It's very much possible ).

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