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Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Any Other

Please Answer in this Format:

My Ratings

PK         7/10

BB         9.5/10

Dangal    8.25/10

Movie Of The Decade - Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Answer Honestly as a Neutral.

in Opinion by Production Accountant (22.9k points)
98% Accept Rate

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Bhaisaab if all r rated 8 on the scale of 10 then how 8>8>8 ...Pehle wale eight Mein aisa Kya hai ?


Ab Khush? Bhool gaya tha..
and Answer the Question bro.


Well i haven't seen dangal yet so ratings are p.k-4/5,bb-4.5/5.but for me Movie Of The Decade Is..........Udaan-5/5.

8 Answers

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Best answer

waise to better movies bhut h is decade m.
.......but movie of the decade ki bat h..

then certainly its Bajrangi Bhaijaan...

BB - 10/10

pk - 8 / 10

Dangal - 8.5/10

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)
selected by
0 votes

According to my liking
Bajrangi Bhaijaan>Dangal=PK
Rating According to better movies
Dangal>Bajrangi Bhaijaan>>PK
Bajrangi Bhaijaan-4/5 as a Neutral and critic 4.5/5 as my liking
Dangal-4/5 as a critic and 4.25 as my liking
PK-3.5 as a critic and 4 as my liking

by Producer (102k points)

@Puneet Look at your Answer
Better Movies
Dangal>Bajrangi Bhaijaan >> PK (Dangal is Better?)
BB critic ratings 4/5
Dangal Critic 4/5 (Both are equal?)

According to You Which is The Movie of The Decade?(Name 1 Honestly)


Movie of The Decade according to my liking would be Bajrangi Bhaijaan but Dangal was better film critically by a Small Margin


Bro again Diplomatic answer....Good...Keep it up....

0 votes

best movies of the decade.....

bajrangi bhaijaan and sultan without a doubt...
then the rest...

  • rockstar was very good
  • bajirao mastani , ranveer singh alone was superb
  • pyaar ka punchnaama 2 (probabaly the only sequel to have bettered the prequel in bollywood)
  • tamasha was brilliant (minus the climax)
  • haider (dark genre at its best)
  • pk first half was good.

honorable mention. .... ranjhanaaa . gorgeous movie gorgeous performances.

by Star (151k points)

Name 1 Movie,not 2 or more.

0 votes

Dangal 9/10
BB 8/10
PK 6/10 ..(i had huge expectations with pK , and second half dissapoited me and the climax was a downer .. Initially I rated it 2.5/5 ..but now its 3/5..

by Director (122k points)

So Dangal is the Movie of the Decade for You?


Arguably the best of the decade. But from the above options it is certainly the best ..


You can Mention any other movie.


One particular movie which I very much like is LSD directed by Dibaker Banerjee ..IMO it's the film of the decade in terms of sheer geniusnes...

0 votes

Firstly very good question/post ...
Well if only based on box office thn you can include Sultan too as well but it was more of a commercial entertainer ..
Whn it comes to Best Movie of this decade so far thn Bajrangi Bhaijaan is in a clear winner until in the nxt 3 yrs if there is any other movie surprises ..
among the above mentioned ..
PK ... 4/5
Bajrangi Bhaijaan .... 4.5/5
Dangal .... 4.25/5 ( 2nd half fell short of its 1st half in every aspect ) or else it would have been a 5/5 ...
Movie of the decade till now ....
...................... BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN .........

by Editor (82.2k points)
0 votes

Bajrangi bhaijaan- 9/10
Dangal- 9.25/10
PK- 5.5/10

Till now BB was the movie of the decade for me but now dangal edges it out, by a slight margin, one of the best sports films of all time.

by Director (121k points)
0 votes

Among These Three, Dangal Is Obviously The Best. Closely Followed By PK.
As Far As Boxoffice Goes, Its PK v/s Dangal Only. It Remains To See Whether Dangal(Read Aamir) Can Beat PK(Read Aamir) To Be The Biggest Hit Of The Decade Or Not.

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)

Well 'The Biggest Hit Of The Decade is Bajrangi Bhaijaan'.
Dangal has good Chance to cross PK lifetime collection But It will be very Difficult to cross PK footfalls which Ultimately Decides the Biggest Hit.
I don't have High Expectations from Tubelight & TZH,according to me their Footfalls might settle in the range of 2.5-2.75 cr.
So The Biggest Hits of the Decade list will be like this after Dangal finishes it run ;
1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Footfalls 3.54 cr)
2. PK (Footfalls 3.51 cr)
3. Dangal (Footfalls 3.35-3.45 cr approx)
4. Sultan (Footfalls 3.27 cr)
5. Dhoom 3 (Footfalls 2.98 cr)

0 votes

i havent seen dangal until now but one of my friends saw it who is a aamir fan , he said movie is really good but for me until now in this decade it would be BB , when i saw the movie i was almost sure this movie will create hurricane at boxoffice i expected BB to do 400 cr after seeing the reaction , plus its one of my fav movies, everything was perfect about BB , i didnt liked PK at all i find pk as a superstar version of OMG , i would say OMG was much better film then PK. for me this decade would be

Pan Singh Tomar 9/10
Bajrangi Bhaijaan 8.5/10
OMG 8/10

As a SRK Fan Best SRK Movie Of the decade is MNIK with 8/10 rating and it was way back in 2010 , it shows how SRK have Bad script sense and until now he didnt had any good content movie, hope so Raees and Anand Rai next change my opinion

For aamir I would go with dangal without seeing it as PK is the most overrated biggest hit

by Assistant Director (43.2k points)

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