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asked in Announcements by Location Manager (6.9k points)
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Happy birthday the bhaijaan of Bollywood , hoping to see some more memorable performance & movies like Bajrangi bhaijaan from you.....

answered by Producer (109k points)

@Deepak bhai ...
Thank you ....
hope this cold war exists only between friends turned into foes Navoarsenal & Grand nova ....

Hatred is another thing but you can't deny that both Aamir & Salman are the biggest star today & miles ahead of others , plus both are entertaining billions of people so why to so negative against other fan base..
2ndly most of Salman fans are very good users (like friends) so why to fight them just because of stupid fan war...

+2 votes

He (salman khan) makes the way and we follow = SRK
Salman khan is the real superstar i'm like a waiter in front of him = Aamir khan
Salman khan is the best khan = Akshay kumar

happy birthday SALMAN KHAN.

answered by Producer (120k points)
+1 vote

Many more returns of the dAY ...
this person is the reason why i joined this amazing forum ...
hope he continues to entertain more n more in the nxt coming years ...

answered by Executive Producer (62.7k points)
+1 vote

Happy birthday to a man they say with a golden heart.......Bhaijaan rules forever.

answered by Production Designer (13.9k points)
+1 vote

Wish you many many happy returns of the day the day Sabki aan Sab ki Shaan sab ka ek Bhaijaan Biggest mega star of the all time

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)
+1 vote

happy birthday bhaijaan......

answered by Production Accountant (29.6k points)
0 votes

....sabki aan sabki shaan apna ek bhaijaan.....bhaijaan is benjamin button v 2.0.......ageless wonder.....

answered by Production Accountant (20.9k points)

mojenjodaru ke time pe mohenjodaru ko bhag gaya tha ye aaj aya hai 21th century ku on bhai bday...

....yep.....i was bit upset after mohnejo's failure bt then i thot abt all those bhaijaan fans during 2000-09....they hv suffered for 10 longgg yrs....my condiotion is much better then theirs......

0 votes

Hbd to salman bhaijaan. Hope he drives carefully and doesnt kill more people as a return gift.
Well abhi to bhaijaan busy honge black ki counting karne men with his best friends from across the border.

answered by Assistant Director (58.7k points)

Just one advice grow up mahn..
you know this is a post of someone's Birthday & you are still spreding negativity..
Hatred is Okay & common but this one is seems as pure JEALOUSY ..
You pretend to show tht you hate him for his past activities like his court cases..
but in reality you hate him coz he is ryt nw more successful thn your star ...
All i can say "Get well soon" ..

Not jealousy, and trust me i dont give a damn anout who gives how many 300cr grossers. I hate him because he is a pathetic person, saare galat kaam kiye hain duniya jahan ke and now he hides behind a fake charity.
Tell you what.....salman was my fav star from the 90's, have seen all his films of then multiple times. I started hating him after the nonsense he has done from 2002 onwards.

Now you just tell me does this post had anything against hrithik ..
lastly answer honestly does your answer is justified here ...
i knw you are a good user but all this fanwars has turned you something which you yourself don't like ...

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