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you shouldn't have poked the monster who was willing to stay burried.

im gonna deploy no mercy protocol. time for some chaos.
asked in Announcements by Director (138k points)
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Welcome back Grand ...

3 Answers

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Karan johar has brought a knife in a gunfight.......shivaay will crush adhm....hahahhahahahahahahaha. akal teri do paise ki hai aur chala aaya fir se bhaukne. Chal accha hai. Do chaar jute aur khaa le, fir bhaag jaana forum se.

answered by Cinematographer (93k points)
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Tujhe mental hospital se kaafi jaldi chhor diya.................

answered by All Time best! (267k points)
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Grand nova routine.... Prasing Sallu's idiotic performances.....Posting shitty stuffs about other stars....getting insulted form others.....then bhaag jana forum se till next Sallu's release....repeat....

answered by Second Unit Director (78.2k points)

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