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Omg this looks good! It's the same girl from Dangal, and it certainly looks like she has a bright future in Bollywood!

And I agree with criminal here. The theme of a young kid chasing their dreams against all odds is similar to Taare Zameen Par, but that is definitely not a bad thing!

Oh and Aamir Khan looks awesome!

So yeah, I'm looking forward to this!

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Looks Promising... May turn out to be a decent grosser.

answered by Production Designer (14.8k points)
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Wow..Great Teaser.....
And as Aamir said - Superhit Hain...Superhit hain....
"Aur Agar Pasand Naa Aaye to Apna Taste Change Karo"--- lol...
....isko kehte hain Chit Bhi Meri aur Patt Bhi Meri....

BGM music looks good..and as film is based on that...so music can also be an ADDITIONAL positive for the film( bcos Aamir and Aamir Productions are already positives for this film)....
Story wise/performance wise can be good/simple/heart-touching film....need to wait for that....just another 8 months!!!!!!(But considering Aamir's release schedule habit...its a very short time........

and Don;t worry Aamir...no need to point...we will be there.....

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Looks good to me. Considering that aamir is acting in it too, we can be assured of a solid storyline too.

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