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If u have idea about kite flying..Two people are involved in kite flying..one who flies the kite other who holds the reel...The one holding reel obviously doesnt know kite flying that is why he is holding it..That holding reel is called "phirki pakadna"

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Haider explained it correctly what "Phirki Pakadna" means....
Here I am just explaining the meaning of "Phirki Pakarta" (There is difference of letter "d" and "r" ) with reference to the trailer.....
When Atul Kulkarni tells SRK that Don;t fly too high - "Jyada Ooncha Mat Udo" - Atul is just referring to SRK illegal means of getting money/getting rich/taking short-cuts to achieve something....

To which SRK replies - "Agar Ooncha nahin udta to Kya Phirki Pakarta" - which basically means that :
I am ambitious/I want to achieve/get something even if its not the right way/I'll do anything to get something
will not sit ideal/not having ambitious dreams like you who is just standing and holding the "Phirki/Reel" and doing nothing.....

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just to add.......phirki pakarta also gives that sense of 'patli gali sy nikalta' ....or like using easy ways to live n not try a big thing while being afraid of downfall/caught by police
n actual dialogue is 'agr katnay ka darr hota na, to patang nai charhata, phirki pakarta'
n my mistake 'idle' became 'ideal' .....not that this should be a problem....problem actually is that i m too much vela


Yes Baadshah ...u r absolutely right...
after watching the trailer again...
Its like :
Atul - Jyada Ooncha Mat Ud/fly , Kat Jaayega
SRK : Katne ka darr hota to patang nahin charata , phirki pakarta....

Which gives the feeling/means that SRK is referring that he is not afraid of taking risks/being caught by the police....to achieve his dreams.....

And yes...I was thinking to write "Idle"....thought the spelling is "Idol"...but ultimately written "Ideal"...

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