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Okay, Dharam & Shyra are the main characters. She's French born Desi girl who is carefree & Dharam is the usual Delhi ka launda who is careless. They get into a casual relationship which turns into live-in relationship & results in their break up. Now, both of them decide to renew their relationship by renaming it as friendship. What never seen before stuff happens next? Will they discover love out of lust or ruin their friendship due to love is definitely not the way story is presented in the film, heck, the way I wrote it here looks tons better than what's shown on the screen. Anyways, it's the usual will they? won't they? story.

In short, it follows the grand dialogue from, Maine Pyar Kiya - "ek ladka aur ek ladki, kabhi dost nahi ho sakte".

Dharam (Ranveer Singh) lands in Paris to be a stand up comedian at his friend's bar. Like every guy ever portrayed in these scenario, he dreams of hooking up with as many French girls possible, only to be rejected. His "cuteness" & "honesty" impresses Shyra (Vaani Kapoor), a French born Desi girl who agrees for one drink followed by one song/dance & one night stand but quickly reminds him that LOVE is out of question as she just had a break up & want to stay single. Dharam surprisingly pursues her despite all the warnings & as usual wins her over. It's a relationship alright but nothing to do with love. Loads of kisses follow up in order to show they're having sex 24/7. Then in a quick show reel, we're shown the differences between them leading to fights & eventually their break up. Shyra gets serious whereas Dharam tries to be a playboy to get over her. 1 year passes, they get back together to celebrate their break up anniversary & decide to be friends. INTERVAL.

Now, all of a sudden, Dharam & Shyra become this YRF/Dharma approved friends that they plan everything together. To an extent, Shyra wants Dharam to decide what she should wear on her date followed by Dharam becoming the third wheel. Not surprisingly, everything turns corny, filmed in slow motion, a dream song occurs to announce the grand arrival of LOVE. This is entirely focused on Dharam to let us audience know that it's he who realises first. As usual melodrama continues, with Ranveer showing his rear talent, Vaani sporting bikini, followed by few more kisses, the director feels it's time for one more set of slow motion shots with the dream song being repeated to show even Shyra has come to realisation. Both Dharam & Shyra conveniently decide to get married to their "fiancee & fiance" on the same day & at the same venue. You can guess the rest. Actually no, it is here where Aditya Chopra tries to be Aditya Chopra by introducing a lengthy dance duet between the couple & without any warning Aditya Chopra decides to pull off a Sajid Khan on us. So expect Housefull/Humshakals kinda forced buffoonery in the end, if you dare to sit through the movie.

Ranveer Singh as Dharam gets to play Ranveer Singh for 130 odd minutes. All his off screen antics are on full display here. The actor Ranveer is completely missing. In the end it's all madness & nothing worthwhile to mention.

Vaani Kapoor is actually good in the ill-written role. She's mesmerising, awesome while dancing in fact shows more energy than Ranveer. But there's hardly anything for her to perform in this cardboard character which has been over done already.

Supporting cast is just there for the sake of filling the scenes. The actors who played the parents of Vaani, well I remember them through AIB & TVF so they're just there. None of them leave a mark or to say none of them get anything to leave a mark. Even the girl Ranveer dates, gets interrupted amidst her strip-tease so.

Aditya Chopra with all his right intention has got everything wrong in order to desperately reach out to the current generation. It might as well be a small film with a very simple story (or lack of it), but his attempt to make it a cool urban romantic film really gets on your nerves as he has only limited set of tools to showcase. Either make them kiss every now & then, or make them abuse each other. After Karan Johar's attempt at trying Imtiaz Ali's style of narration, this is Aditya Chopra's attempt, rather a failed one. Even the break up anniversary reminds us instantly of break up celebration from Love Aaj Kal.

And I agree, it's the expectations. Even with zero expectations, Aditya Chopra is such a big brand that it is impossible to even imagine such a bad film from him.

Positives -
1. Vaani Kapoor.
2. Kisses.
3. For those interested, Ranveer Singh's butt.
4. Some dialogues in the first half especially pre-interval is relatable.

Negatives -
1. Poor writing & direction.
2. Extremely predictable, filled with cliche in the second half.
3. Terrible Sajid Khan-esque climax.
4. Songs are not upto the mark considering the standards set.

My Rating - 1.5/5 (1.5 french kisses. 0.5? hmmm that would be without any tongue action.)

Final Words - Watch it at your own risk. I DARE YOU. I DOUBLE DARE YOU.

P.S. - The film is rated UA by the great CBFC but apart from all the kisses, bikini closeups, strip teases, they've allowed the Ranveer Singh nudity without any objection. There's a limit to double standards.

answered by All Time best! (271k points)
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@Tyler Durden ... I went with zero expectations. Even then nobody would expect Aditya Chopra to go all out Sajid Khan on us. I mean the last thing you want in a bad film is Housefull level buffoonery with everybody jumping on each other. It's Adi Chopra & it's impossible to accept such stuff from him.


@Criminal ... (I know you hated it so exclude your feelings )

Didn't you read my views in the chat room??? I clearly said this is one avatar I wanted to watch Srk in. I didn't even dislike the trailer, so hating it is out of the question.


@saransh ... Too many plans have already been made. Don't think I'll be getting time to watch Dangal.


@suhas Give a try for Dear Zindagi, 21 days of this year still left

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I won't gonna waste my precious time writing a long review for this movie, but I rated ADHM 2/5 & skipped the last 15 minutes. and Befikre easily broke the record as I decided to go home & take a painkiller & skipped the last 45 minutes.. and ADHM>>>>Befikre..
Befikre will remain Aditya Chopra's worst (& cheapest) movie & you can bet on it! It's completely understandable that he wrote this script in the middle of writing his next with Srk.
I will agree with KRK this time that the movie was as bad as Ranveer's black-yellowish butt! don't you dare to believe Suhas, it was not at all a positive point!
If you have to watch this movie because your girlfriend is forcing you (like me), please send her with an another boyfriend.
And hail censor board, you own my respect & money now.
Negatives - Everything, including the worst looking actress I have ever seen who was once one of the most beautiful Bollywood actresses & A$$ of Ranveer.
Positives - hahaha you thought I will write positives!
Rating - 5/5. Deserves it!
(Note - I have no problem with any actor being nûde in a movie, but being **** in a Bollywood U/A movie and that too for a movie like this, shows how far Ranveer can go to impress his do anmol ratans (Slb & Adi).

answered by Star (141k points)

Your review sounds more interesting than the film itself.
Its a fact....both kjo and adi are nothing without srk. Hands down adhm for me is the worst film of the year and looks like we have competition now..


"don't you dare to believe Suhas"

Even Suhas personally wasn't impressed infact was heavily shocked. Anyways I listed in the positives solely based on the audience response I experienced. All the girls hooting & the guys screaming/whistling was enough to put it in the list.

+2 votes

Honestly speaking, you wasted your time by making this post.............

They are Befikre
Don't care about reviews and ratings

answered by Mega Star (221k points)

here it is the best answer ..


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