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The Overseas territory breakdown of the business of My Name Is Khan is as below. All figures are in US dollars.


US / Canada - $4.02mn

Peru - $65k *

Others - $175k

TOTAL - $4.25mn


United Kingdom - $4.1mn *

Germany - $540k *

France - $425k

Netherlands - $200k *

Poland - $175k #

Russia - $161k #

 Italy - $153k *

 Spain - $152k *

Others - $250k

TOTAL - $6.15mn

 Middle East 

UAE  - $2.11mn *

Kuwait - $840k *

Oman  - $185k *

Bahrain  - $460k *

Qatar  - $190k  *             Gulf Countries : $3. 785mn *

Others - $575k

TOTAL - $4.35n


South Africa - $325k *

Mauritius - $150k *

Egypt - $530k #

North Africa - $75k includes Nigeria Ghana & Algeria

East Africa - $100k includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia

Others - $25k

TOTAL - $1.2mn

Asia ex India

South Korea - $2.67mn *

Malaysia - $254k *

Pakistan - $550k *

Singapore - $405k  *

Nepal & Srilanka - $350k

Indonesia - $1.75mn #

Hong Kong - $121k

China - $100k *

Others - $350k

TOTAL - $6.55mn


Australia - $825k

New Zealand / Fiji - $300k *

Total - $1.1mn

GRAND TOTAL - $23.6mn or ₹111.5cr

Highest ever collection in Overseas at time of release beating 3 Idiots. Presently Stands at 7th Position 

# denotes Highest Grosser Ever

* denotes Highest Grosser Ever at time of release

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So at 22cites mnik create records.. Amazing


These are just major or reported countries. Actual would be 40+

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My Name Is Khan

One of the biggest ever blockbuster in OVERSEAS for SRK, and biggest ever Blockbuster on a non holiday period for bollywood.

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Abe Pakistani kuch bhi bhaukega madrasachap kahi ka


hahah......tu ab bhi frustrated he h??


Let me go bit in explanation.
USA : MNIK had record opening followed by not so great trending. In Christmas release opening would have been better & drops would have been bit less which would have helped it going $5-5.25mn nothing more.
UK : Well it already ran at potential I mean its footfalk are still highest in last 10 years in UK. At most it would have earn $500k more due to Xmas
Gulf : Same as UK numbers are 25% higher than last highest grosser which itself were 20% higher than highest grosser before 3 Idiots. Say it would have done $200k more to hit $4mn mark. In UAE it was 6th highest grosser just behind Avatar, 2012, The Dark Knight, Kung Fu Panda & Twilight. What else.
Rest market it released in its 1st Phase did $5mn they would have added $500k as almoar all of them were already at all time high.

So Xmas release would have been around $19mn at place of $16.75mn it did.


maybe u r right brother..............who knows