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Dedication at its best - Aamir Khan's shocking transformation for Dangal.......

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Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist for all the right reasons. The actor works on one film at a time and dedicates his 2-3 years to that project. He will be next seen in Dangal for which has gone through a shocking transformation.

He talked about his transformation for Dangal in a recent event. He recalled back to his terrific weight loss journey at an event this afternoon saying, “It was very scary. I reached 97 kilos and I had only 5 months in hand. I was so worried that I will not lose my weight.” Admitting how he used to feel horrible about himself he added, “I used to feel very horrible when I used to see myself in mirror when I was getting fat.

But when I had to lose weight I panicked but I tried convincing myself and say think of today. I used to get depressed but then I had to hit back.” However, having said that, Aamir is game for taking up more films like this as he said, “It was very difficult for me to put on weight but if I like the script, I will do this kind of a film again.”

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Badi Khushi Hui.................................................

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