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Films are films, some are good, some are not. Some are entertaining, some are time pass. But then there are few movies which connects to you like none other & stays with you forever! Dear Zindagi is one movie which teach you many life lessons & inspires you & at the same time makes you emotional & connected! Although the plot can be written in just few pages, it's the astonishing direction & cinematography along with some strong performances which make this film way too gorgeous to dislike.

Plot - Kaira (Alia), a talented cinematographer, who is depressed and suffering from insomnia due to her past & current relationships, meets Psychologist Jug (Shah Rukh Khan) who helps her to overcome her depression!
Direction - Gauri Shinde is one women who knows exactly how to use feminism correctly! Her last & debut movie, English Vinglish had hit the bulls eye. Although Dear Zindagi is, according to reviews, not as refined as English Vinglish and falls short of being exceptional, it has its own importance & charm! You can not make an English Vinglish repeatedly, specially when you have a much more serious topic to deal with. Gauri Shinde's direction is the biggest plus point of the movie which makes you keep going, although the story seems to be out of the place in the beginning. She proves she is one director to look out for!

Performances - I always thought Alia is a good actress. After Dear Zindagi I believe it! Although she had an immensely charming Shah Rukh Khan sitting right opposite her, but never for a moment he seemed to overshadow her; and that's of course itself is a big achievement! She was just amazing in her emotional scenes & her performance is one reason why Dear Zindagi can not be missed. Srk in his charming best, but honestly, the role was a cakewalk for him. He needed to just play himself, the utterly charming and attractive guy, just what he is. Of course he is eye pleasing & worth your penny if you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan. Rest all are also fantastic as a supporting cast.

Music - Amit Trivedi is the most underrated composer, but his music in Dear Zindagi is good and situational in the movie. Tu Hi Hai, sung by Ali Zafar, stands out amongst the rest.
Positives -
1. Direction of Gauri Shinde.
2. Alia Bhatt's extraordinary performance.
3. All scenes featuring Srk-Alia, I.e the therapy classes. Chemistry between them is just too good.
4. Dialogues of the movie stands out! Thanks to Srk's commendable dialogue delivery in his rough, yet attractive, voice. Dialogues are inspiring and beautiful.
5. Cinematography is top notch. You will definitely want to have a Goa trip after watching Dear Zindagi.
7. The climax of the movie is although simple, yet it is very well directed. It shows why Gauri Shinde is a brilliant mind!
8. Emotional scenes in the second half are all heart touching, yes of course if you can connect to them.
9. The constant humour in the movie never lets you to be bore.
Negatives -
Honestly I can not recall any negative points. Maybe only negative factor is that this movie needs your patience to connect! The first half is all about developing Alia's character. First half is not as interesting as the second one which has all the drama including all Srk- Alia scenes except the first meeting. One thing I am unable to understand is that many reviews saying DZ is boring in parts, dragged & slow etc, and I thought there will be many dull moments. but movie really had nothing of that sort. Don't know which were the dull moments they are talking about. Even DZ being a bit dragged is something I don't agree. It was perfect running time.
Overall, Dear Zindagi is a movie you can not skip! It's a must watch for every youth, and also families. Although not everyone can relate to it, but if this movie connects to you, then I promise you'll love you Zindagi ever more after watching it! Rating 4/5. Don't miss this, & yes.... Love your Zindagi!

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Dear Zindagi is a winner all the way....Gauri Shinde deserves a round of applause for writing and directing such a wonderful movie.... Alia was good in her role...and finally, SRK is back after a long long time in a role that actually justifies his talent... Always said it, SRK is better off playing character oriented roles rather than playing a "hero"... Every dialogue given to SRK by Shinde was good and he did very well with what he was entrusted upon with

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Don't Let Your Past Blackmail Your Present To Ruin Your Beautiful Future.

English-Vinglish Was The Trip Of A Balanced, Moderately Aged Lady Who Has A Favorable Opinion Of Herself. She Just Needs To Comprehend Why The World Doesn't Respect Her, On The Grounds That She Doesn't Communicate In English. In Dear Zindagi, Kaira Doesn't Have A Favorable Opinion Of Herself, However Others Do. She Veers Between Delicacy And Touchiness, And We Don't Know Why. We Don't Exactly Know Why She's So Mean To Her Folks And Relatives. We Discover What Has Made Her Fragile Despondency, As She Discovers, Through Her Treatment Sessions With Cool Psychologist Jahangir Khan.
This Express Investigation Of The Internal Existence Of A Young Lady Is Genuinely Uncommon In Bollywood. It's Calming, In This Manner, To Hear Khan Advise Kiara That She Doesn't Need To Excuse Her Folks Or Go Up Against Them For Relinquishing Her. To Hear Khan Tell Kiara That She Is Not "Cheap" But Rather "Superfine" To Not Make Due With The Main Man Who Needs To Be Addressed. Kiara Has Strict Disapproved Of Bad Dreams About Society Judging Her For Being Unmarried And Disliked. Shinde Pictures This As Common Laborers Men Ridiculing Wedded Working Class Ladies. It's Considerably All The More Alleviating When Khan Tells Kiara That No General Public, Regardless Of How Judgmental, Doesn't Need To Have A Favorable Opinion Of Her, The Part Of Her Appreciates Herself. It's Soothing To The Point That You Are Enticed To Disregard The Ludicrous Wish-Satisfaction That Is The Rear End Of The Motion Picture.
The Climax Is An Exemplary Passionate Breakdown About Her Youth. This Is Likewise A Scene Of Unexpected Satire. Shahrukh Has Never Been So Good In Recent Years. Thumbs Up.

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Easily one of the best films this year.The thing which impressed me the most is the depth and subtelty of the movie.Nobody over does it.The charged emotional scenes makes an impace because you really connect with them.The film didn't drag for me in any parts,sure they could have trimmed some 10 odd minutes from the first half but you sort of need them to understand Kaira and her issues.

Acting wise,Alia does most of the heavy charged acting and she's very good.Some scenes were over the top but some of the scenes were so damn bloody good.(8.5/10)

The friends were both nice & ganju and kiddo were adorable(9/10)

The boyfriends were cool with Raghu having the most layered character of the 4.But all 4 of them were spot on. (9/10)

Other supporting cast like parents and all were fine (8.5/10).Special mention to the techie guy

Lastly SRK was at his best since Chak De for me.It was heavily understated,calm and a mature performance.He sunk into the role of a therapist as cool as a cucumber.I doubt anyone wouldn't be charmed by Dr Jehangir Khan.The final scene between SRK & Alia was my favorite scene in the movie.Such a subtle and fantastic display of emotions by SRK just through his eyes & gesture.

Overall it's a fine fine movie.Yes you need some patience to sit out some of the stuff but you come out really happy,positive and satisfied by the whole movie.

The dialogues are mostly in English & hindi (Hinglish).So I doubt single screen audience would like the film.The film is for multiplex audience primarily.

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As everyone has written story of the film so will just share what I felt about it...So one cannot call it bad or good film since it doesn't have a story to tell... Even the small film have a story to tell.Most of them make us feel like what gonna happen next.Movie has different Characters to tell..The characters who behaves normally I mean most people like us in real life...

So audience liking towards the film will more dependent on themselves relating to the characters especially Alia's. As far as performances in the film Alia did superb job..She emotes really well...SRK as always was treat to watch..It was tailor made role for him...I don't think he performed he just played himself..Among Kunal,Ali and other guy I liked Ali the most.Supporting cast did excellent job... whether it's Alia's friend or family..

One of major drawback of film is that it's pace slows down in second half and since SRK enters just pre interval one expect more of him in second half..Runtime should have been reduced by atleast 15mins..so One's degree of liking depends upon how they relates to it...


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