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Aaj Lord Blanka yahaan hote toh kaafi mayoos hote...judging SRK's stardom in terms of money ? What money has got to do with talent ?

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what are you saying bro ? . The line is from article , if u havent read it kindly do it first then. If we had showcased something like " SRK got National Award for FAN " , u would be like " What award has to do with Boxoffice ? 84cr Star " . Double trap, huh ?


Bhaisaab.. this 100$m valuation is his personal valuation.. and it is not necessary that it is related to his showbiz career. He may have earned that with his other investments ( real estate, stocks, cricket...) ..so this is my point. Nothing to be proud..it's just money.


@Riju you messed with wrong man. Meet he is 'Loved By all, COI owner (Cleavage Office Of India) Meer Bhaisaab. He has nothing to do with Fan wars and all as he has gained Mukti following Lord Blanka.

@Charlie the value is Brand value of Celeb as according to Brand they endorse.


Wow..jatinder u just endorsed me as a good boy ...also in my description u didn't include my time traveling abilities

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