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Much awaited Diwali Clash is here. As the custom goes here's IBO Public Opinion post. Share your views on Film you watch this Diwali


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  • Rate Film (Preferably Out Of 10)
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  • Try Mentioning The Day And Time When You Watch The Film. If Possible Occupancy Of Hall Too.
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Watched Ae Dil Hai Mushkil morning show on Saturday & I can say it is one of the most meaningless movie I've ever seen. Movie starts well with comedy scenes, cameos after cameos & all.. in the end of first half you will realize you was watching Karan Johar's version of Rockstar.. Second half started, Ranbir met Aishwarya, and soon you realize Aishwarya is more like a prostitute in the movie. Lets Ranbir to come close & have sex whenever he wants... & for god sake she leaves her because she finally loved Ranbir! (dont worry for spoiler)... Anushka on the other hand loves Ranbir as a friend, family, son, brother, son-in-law & what not! but not as a lover... and Ranbir still dying for her love, when he became a sensation like Justin Beiber by singing hindi songs..
Second half loses its track completely and soon after Aishwarya leaves Ranbir you realize that there is nothing left in the story which is still 40 minutes away from ending ...I didn't bother to watch last 10 minutes, but it was already a stupid movie till then.
Positives -
1. Srk's cameo right away, the only cameo that works & at least makes some impact on the movie. He is at his charming best.
2. Ranbir & Anushka's powerpacked performance.
3. Music.
Cons -
1. Aishwarya wasted.
2. Too many cameos including Fawad Khan (sadly his last Bollywood movie) wasted.
3. No sense story ..
4. Everything else.
Dont go for it. Its a waste of time & energy. 1.5/5. 0.5 extra for Srk being a fan so 2/5...
Alright it was not a hard decision to choose one between two most awaited (although less awaited than last few diwali releases) Diwali releases Ae Dil Hai Mushkil & Shivaay. Assam being a mass center, all my friends were ready to go for Shivaay. Ticket price 60 rs only, not a big lost! Occupancy was 50% (Morning show). Movie starts with Ajay Devgn showing his cold resistance capacity ... First half started slow with some no brainer like having sex in a tent, while hanging between two icelands. The visuals are beautiful, all credits to the camera work. First half had a brilliant chase sequence & first half ended with high note.. Masses loved the action sequences.
Second half begins & story slows down. 2-3 action sequences followed by drama & narratives. Second half loses its way in terms of entertainment, although never gives up its good visuals & good action.
Overall second half was a tiery watch with dragged scenes & narratives. Movie ends with an average hand to hand combat & thats not the end, movie still runs for 20 more minutes & that point was intolerable for me. Movie ends & there was a huge cheer, seems like masses would love the film thanks to its grand canvas & amazing stunts.
Pros -
1. Stunning camera work.
2. Hollywood standard action.
3. Vfx is good in most of the scenes.
4. The background music is good.
5. Some shots are very well directed.
6. Ajay Devgn's power packed performance.
Cons -
1. The other cast performs just average. Vir Das has nothing much to do.
2. Poor old dialogues. Dialogues are outdated & none of them is impactable!
3. Villain's selection is again average.
4. Of course a poor story..
5. Dragged second half & running time.
6. Emotional scenes hardly connects.
7. Poor climax.
Overall Shivaay will be loved by masses & multiplexes would easily prefer ADHM. It is only for them who wants to watch a grand canvas movie with hard hitting action sequences (one of the best in Bollywood).
Rating - 2.5/5. (extra 0.5 for action).

by Director (135k points)
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@criminal- you are from a village of Assam, so it's a mass centre.... That's not the case with the capital city Guwahati


I know...but masses are masses regardless of which city...


sahi bola Charlie bro.....sometimes i do get why i m rating a film higher, for example due to vfx......but still i don't get how people r so sure of 0.5 for n 0.5 for that..even Criminal bro is doing it here......find it strange.....esp. when people say 0.5 plus cz it is my favorite star film....really??if ur star is in it, that means film should overall look better....or else that means that ur star didn't get his kind of role....forcefully giving 0.5 .....if i hv to rate for SRK...i will rate every film of his 5/5 except Guddu

+1 vote

My rating for ADHM is 4/5 ..the film is quite good and karan johar has improved a lot as a story teller. The dialogues and moments between the characters are quite impact full. The performance of ranbir is very good and his character was consistent throughout the film ( I was hoping/fearing that he might turn mujnoo after those rejections) but he remains like a man child throughout the film .
This paragraph is reserved to appreciate the beauty of aishwarya rai...woaaahhhhhhhhhhhh........kya baat hai.....bonerrrr.....waaahhhh.. orgasmic..sweating.........

by Director (122k points)

3.75/5....watched it jst now..liked it...but shocked that ur rating for a romantic film, which i don't think u like easily is higher than me....or is maybe that i rank KJo so high that this film needed more to justify the talent Karan has

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So adhm starts with old kind of narration stuff by the lead actor, first half kicks offf slowly and gets irritating in some parts especially the club parts , then it gains the pace very well karan johar manage to control it but will give u hints of many movies, first half is good and lead actors does a good job especially anuskha she is brillant in adhm, ranbir some what is back to his form but he does oveacts im some places,fawad khan role is quite unneccassry he is a brillant actor but totally wasted here ,though its a cameo only, lisa haydon looks superhot, 2nd half starts slow again Aishwarya gets introduced dont be sad she is merely having 15 mins in film it cant be said that she is having extended cameo even , spoiler alert :- srk does have a scene quite impactfull,2nd half is all about aishwarya frustrated for ranbir attention and kisses, aishwarya is looking smoking hot milf , other then that her role is not more then ignorable , overall film is decent watch and proves Karan is nothing without SRK.

Director :- 3/5 karan looses grips in some places


ranbir :-3.5/5 not his best performsnce but still better then his last outings its better though then yjhd his performance only.

Anuskha :-4.5/5 she looks gorgeous and her best perfromance after RNBJ

Aishwarya Rai:- Smokingg hot 5/5 for that only

Fawad khan :- totally wasted here.

Film rating :- 3/5

Business :- will close around 120 cr

Final view :- A decent entertainer one time watch , karan is nothing without Srk

by Assistant Director (43.2k points)
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Shivaay is the desi stretched version of taken,but that doesn't mean its a bad movie..... Action movie lovers would like it...cinematography was top notch... 3.25/5...

ADHM- well I couldn't connect with it much....while I connected to it at some places.... RK and anu were fab.... My rating 2.25/5

by All Time best! (268k points)
edited by

I don't know where "Ation" movie lovers are, but I will find them and punish them.


Typo hai...Lekin tujh jaise dehati ko yeh samajh na aaega

–1 vote

Shivaay – Nonsense gets dragged, stretched and prolonged

Yes, you wait in the hope that it should end now, but no no no no, you are wrong every time. This eternal garbage movie keeps going on and on and on and on…………………..and on…………………….on………..still its on……………….hasn’t finished yet……………….a little bit more……………….almost there…………….climax……………..still climax…………ok just a little bit more and some emotional bullshit in the end………….airport drama…………..now it is almost end…..no no wait there is a little bit more to it……………and finally………………ah leave it, I am going out now.

Yes that’s true, The basic story is about a mountaineer, who will show all his skills in opening half an hour, like a crash course. But this mountaineer is lucky because suddenly he finds a girl from Bulgaria lending from nowhere on his jeep from the heaven of seven lords, while Shivaay was taking his two friends to the mountain, and by the horrible satanic grace they start to make fun of that gori mem, they do shayris about how beautiful she is and like the boredom of satan himself is present on the jeep, the gori mem reveals that she knows hindi, and in fact she goes on and speak in hindi. And then smiles cutely and then there are also some people who are with them (which you find out later when they set up a camp), yes in camp ajay starts to hit joints of ganga not caring about the girl and then unrealistically girl goes to ajay to ask some stupid questions to shivaay (by the way is girl ka chaddi pahen ke phul khila he wo bhi itni barf me). Shivaay successfully answers all the questions and that too with proof. Then on the morning they all head to do some mountaineering so that in the storm Shivvay can save them. Yes the storm hits same moment and Shivaay saves all of them but at last girl gets confused so Shivvay when trying to save her gets stuch with her between a trench. Shivaay some how manages to get stuff like night light with him. And other people who were with them and who actually got saved by shivaay decides to steer apart because who cares, they are saved. And then you will see some stupid slow mo romance, kisses etc and some song and because of that incident girl gets pregnant. Shivaay wants to have that child but the girl doesn’t want to have that baby because she has lots of responsibility “back in bulgaria”. After some emotional drama and two times throwing milk glass away, girl decides that ok, this man is not convincible so she agrees that she will deliver a baby and then she will give that baby to shivaay and she will go back to Bulgaria to fulfill her “other responsibilities”.
Baby is growing old now, learning mountaineering from master shivaaay and suddenly an earthquake hits so that girl finds out that her mom is alive and now she wants to visit Bulgaria to meet her mom. Again some emotional drama goes on and on and on and finally ajay arranges both of their visas and tickets within to time and they both heads to Bulgaria, where girl gets stuck in child trafficking. Will shivaay be able to save his girl? Or not. Torturer yourself to find out

Movie is said to be budgeted around 100 crores, frankly you will wonder where they have spent so much money. There is nothing extra ordinary in the movie. Action scenes are just okay and I don’t know where all the money went, it is a simple flat stretched same old garbage story movie.

Performances are just okay. Nothing to complaint there as no one gets to show their skills as all have such type of roles where nothing significant can be done.
Direction is so-so, film on the whole fails to entertain. It looks too lengthy and that gets you boring and leaves you exhausted by the time movie actually ends.

I am going with 0.5/5 for Shivaay. If you are too happy this festive season, then go and get yourself tortured in your nearest cinema hall.

by Casting Director (19.9k points)