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Yup.KHKN is one of the best movies.It isn't shown on Tv and also people aren't aware.Very underrated.

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I rate it above 8. One of mine most favorite srk film and performance.

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Agree, I didnt like it much on first viewing but on 2nd viewing it clearly showed its potential. Looking to watch it few more times

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Best Ever Rom Com not agree as we have already seen many rom com movies which are much better than this but yes it is surely the best movies in Srk career.

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Mostly all of them are stereotypes .when a unique film came , others are also in hurry to follow that around it limited period . That's where KKKN differs . KKKN worked big time in all departments wheres in Acting , Direction , Choreography , Script etc.. It has an unmaatchable quality which makes watchable without boring

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