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Evoking new questions ?. Yov ! its like he showed his giga skills already in Sultan , simply he has not the confidence to give a try on risks till the date , around F*king 27 years dudee... . He always tried to be in a comfort zone whi;e his contempories put themselves into some unconventional format movies


28 years career & you don't see his choice of work? The filmography is not just filled with good & bad films but also varied genres.

Every actor works in his comfort zone only. Srk relied on romance genre for way too long. Wouldn't comment on that huh? Aamir hasn't worked in his comfort zone? Name one actor who hasn't worked in his comfort zone.

And what do you mean by unconventional? Didn't he act in Khamoshi? Unconventional compared to all his colleagues at that time. Aamir had Raakh as his 2nd film & Salman had Baaghi. Was Baaghi full on Bollywoodish to pass it off as a masala fare?

Good & bad films are subjective but him signing up varied genres & characters isn't. It doesn't have to be a Sultan or Bajrangi Bhaijaan. 28 years hasn't happened just like that.

This is why I asked you well before whether you want fanboy argument or a real one. I can criticize Salman's work in his films but I can any day defend regarding the varied genres he worked in. The timing of signing of those films, why he stuck with romantic comedy genre with one type of role in late 90s. Rational argument won't come out of fanboy talking. And I don't indulge in an argument which promises otherwise.


seems u wont agree he has been playing in safe zone for years unlike SRK & Aamir , hmm ? . & u dude always be like writing an essay beating around bush instead of a straight forward answer . Enough F BoY talking..


I can tell you precisely the times Salman has played safe just like all other actors. What I don't agree with is you saying 28 yrs of playing safe which is not at all true.

Secondly, the idea of quoting one genre & judge any skills of an actor itself is worth disagreeing.

Enough of fan boy talking? Sure. But look at your question & the answer you've selected as best. Now that's fan boy talking & that's exactly why this discussion happened.

Straight forward answer will happen only when there's a straight forward question. Yours isn't one.

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Na bhai na. Itni aukaat aur itni acting usko aati bhi nahi hai. He wants to do antics which please his front benchers.......rickshaw wala fans.

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No he will never because he clearly mentioned many a time, he do hit films and not good films.

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Its not as if others have pulled of shutter island kinda thrillers.
Theres no risk in there. A well made movie will be a hit. He risked it in prdp by making a family movie in these times. Who's done that?
Everyone's following a formula so is he

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Which formula is SRK following. Yeah apart from Never Seen VFX.


He is doing something else entirely
I can not define it. He goes and does dilwale and the very next moment theres fan and raees and throws in dear zindagi and dwarf!
Is he rooting for failure?


u call it as a risk ? family oriented subject that too with main stream actors & co stars. No never...


Sonam, neil, arman kohli
These are main stream actors? I doubt your judgement my dear friend
Even a movie like dhoom 3 would become risky with sonam in it

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Just when Shahrukh stops his choice of questionable films aimed solely at the boxoffice

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