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Aamir is Aamir man. Truly he will come after some time and give that target for others. Not because he is biggest but because he is BEST & he is one who make FILMS & Not PROJECTS.

3 Idiots said it
"Success ke pichhe mat bhago, Kaabil bano,
Success Jhak maar k pichhe ayegi"

That's where he succeed

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still have a gut feeling that it's not going to take over controversy into publicity as much as PK did. eager to see what he has in store this time without RKH brand. If he come across that acid test , have to agree his credibility as a pure perfectionist !

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Wait for 2 more days , we will give our opinion then....
Till then yes Sultan will be remain top grosser of the year.

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@Deepak he is an srkian ...


Ya i know that but that is my genuine answer because right now i am not sure about Dangal commercial value , content wise i am sure that it is 1 of the best movie of 2016.

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No Dear Zindagi will be highest grosser............

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Highest grosser movie of 2016 - Dear Zindagi
Category- Women Centric Movies


Dude Srk is giga star anything can happen with 3.6 billion fans

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300 cr not big margin for christmas relesed......

depend on commercial value....

till then wait.....

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Today I went to watch inferno , upon seeing Aamir in an ad (some global citizen initiative ) a group of people couple of rows back started talking about dangal in a hysterical tone. There is so much anticipation about dangal ..if it good then 400+crs EASILY...

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My gut feeling says dangal will smash each and every record set by sultan. Aamir's script sense is unparalleled, he somehow knows how to pick subjects which appeal to every walk of society. I feel it will be a commercial movie yes and aamir will have the last laugh again.

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Well dangal is still there and we will have to wait because amir has the trust of audience and most among neutral audience believe that there is something good there as it's an amir khan film, even me being an akkian apart from Akshay starter I went for an amir khan film like dangal first day without waiting for wom or anything and I must say despite the fact that Salman is biggest star today we can't underestimate amir's content film.

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