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Dayuum !! ******* badass of a trailer. If any of you watched Arrow or were planning to dropping it or i dunno,get into it,season 5 is right around the corner. Share your views
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Okay here how it is... They messed up season 4 so much that they're resorting back to violence... Green Arrow isn't supposed to be that way but then all thanks to season 4, the writers are being cornered.

Also the new crew. Being a fan, I'll admit that it'll take time for me to accept the new crew over Diggle & others. Hopefully the initial episodes are handled well.

Going by the flashback story, it'll be about how Oliver joins the Bratva, which is the least thing I care about. But hey, at least he's out of the island for a change.

But the one name to get all excited for season 5, DOLPH LUNDGREN. If it was a movie then I wouldn't be but since it's a tv-series, the idea of DOLPH LUNDGREN being part of the show alone excites me. Hope the writers do justice to his character considering they've literally cooked up 2 back to back weak villains in last 2 seasons, in fact 3 villains if you consider the boring flashbacks.

Anyways I liked The Flash Season 2 episode more... I disliked the teaser of Supergirl season 2 episode 1 but kinda warmed up to the trailer which recently dropped. So yeah, from the dc superhero genre, only due to season 4, I would rank the 5th season trailer as 3rd after The Flash & Supergirl.

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