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SRK-Saif scene from Kal Ho Naa Ho enacted by me (Baadshah). Hopefully you will like it :)

+11 votes
Kindly do tell the things which i should improve n hopefully i will be able to improve


And MOBILE link is

asked Sep 20, 2016 in General by Baadshah Unit Manager (32,291 points)
77% Accept Rate

edited Sep 20, 2016 by Baadshah

Mobile link bhi diya kar kamine.

Badshah bhai Thora baad mai dekhega de.....

hmm,.....will wait for ur views

9 Answers

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Best answer

It's always very nice to watch you regardless what content it's serving. Actually, it would be great if more folks here come with same attitude and so something like this, I'd always appreciate it. You know, Kahte hai na ki jab aap kisi ke text ko padhte ho toh aap uss bande ke voice ko apne conscious mind me imagine kar rhe hote ho, jaise filmon me hota hai. So, it happens with your texts now, my mind reads your text in your voice.
Just think, how great it could have been if same could have been happened everyone.

About content of this video, well, you know. This epic scene is one of the favourite sequence of KLNH for every SRKian. Very emotional set-up and acting by two legends. And, I hardly think, if anyone can even touch texture and tone of that particular scene.. So, you have really tried nicely, your SRK part was quite well and then you step back. Woh wala bhi acha laga, bas I was fearing k kahin Tu method acting karne na lag jaaye, and then roof kaafi height pe thi. LOL
Well, you have done well, but needs much more hard work on this scene. Waiting for more coming from you. <3

answered Sep 24, 2016 by Ankit 007 Assistant Director (51,585 points)
selected Dec 25, 2017 by Baadshah

'it happens with your texts now, my mind reads your text in your voice.' ....haha...i feel that bro
n scene to bohat he awsum h.....maine socha ratta pari h KHNH to kyun na aik 2 scene he try kr ln......but sad part is that i was overconfident abt this scene n every scene of KHNH.......u still need to rehearse which i didn't....oper sy shaam dhal rahi thi.....didn't get enough time to reshoot it.....but next time, i will never ever do a scene without preparation....thats what i learnt from this scene.....i could hv done much better.....damn....still thanks for appreciating it

Yes. Preparation maangta hai Bhai. Specially, when you are making video.. 3-4 takes lene mein koi harz nhi.

Aur jab karna hi hai toh samay ki kya parwaah. Kuchh bhi karenge toh shaan se karenge, sahuliyat ke sath karenge.
Better luck for the next time.

+2 votes

00.18 to 00.30 and 00.50 to end.....Baadshah bhai you rocked it.... starting point could have been better...
Apne liye na Naina ke liye na shi.... that dialogue delivery was best point....Overall Good..... keep it bro.......

answered Sep 20, 2016 by Arvind verma Producer (113,983 points)

thnx a lot bro ....n woh kya hai na, Naina k liye dil se dialogue nikaltay hain

+1 vote

Basic three aspects of acting

1) Expression - 0/5
2) Speech - 1/5
3) Body Language/movement 0/5

Still at least you tried. You will improve, keep doing it.

answered Sep 20, 2016 by therock Casting Director (19,834 points)

oh.....guru ji aye........thanks for 1/5

+1 vote

That's really good... Well done...you need to work on expression a bit

answered Sep 20, 2016 by Anand1199 Star (150,466 points)

expressions in terms of not looking natural or expressions r just not good..., not eye pleasing??

It's very good... natural..but can be better....may be I am comparing a bit more...

i got ur point..........thnx for taking time seeing it n judging properly

+1 vote

Good one bro.... Try to mimic SRK..... Bahut achha hoga.

answered Sep 20, 2016 by Agan Executive Producer (65,016 points)

thnx bro ........i will......but in a scene like this, SRK's mimicry makes it look bad.....cz scene has not been done like that......ajeeb c feeling hoti h krtay hoe.....haan Ram-Jaane type role ki copy mein mza h SRK ko actually copy krnay ka.....i will try soon a scene which actually goes with SRK's acting style

+1 vote

This was really really good Baadshah :-) Expressions were good. The only thing i can complain for is that you were delivering dialogues of both actors very fastly & agar kisi ko yeh scene poori tarah se yaad na ho to use pata nahi chale ga koun se dialogues kis ke hain :-) But baqi sab zabardast tha..

And you were looking good too.

answered Sep 24, 2016 by Mansoor Elahi Camera Operator (10,886 points)

thanks Mansoor bhai........i will try to deliver my dialogues slowly next time.....woh kya hai na, shuru shuru mein SRK ka bhi yehi problem tha, bohat fast dialogues bolta tha

+1 vote

You are a good actor.. ..most important thing is u have talent in copying. Your all expressions almost matched to srk. If anyhow we could put a srk mask it would be hard to detect you aren't. BTW good acting... Good talent. Keep it up.
Piece of advice. ..try to grow ur hair.

answered Dec 18, 2016 by sihan Editor (88,244 points)

Thnx a lot brother.....it really means a lot the way u praised......n for hairs, curly hairs n doesn't look good on me.....waisay 3,4saal pehlay long hairs ka nasha tha.....tb main lmbay baal he rkhta tha.....i will soon try long hairs again

0 votes

Bwahahaha hahahahahaha what is this?? You people are so weird.

Here's a tip from me...to improve.. . Consider doing plastic surgery

answered Sep 20, 2016 by Grand Nova Star (154,150 points)

thnx for investing one n a half min of ur life on an SRK fan who is doing an SRK scene.....kya majbori h aapki jnaab

Hahaha what?!? Why on earth would you think i would watch this video and waste one and half min of my life ?? Delusional srk fans

i watched it ...it was good....and sorry for rude comments.

na na.....i know u r jst chillingggggg.....thnx for appreciating

–1 vote

Lol....It was so funny...Bhai acting karne chod de tu...this is my honest view...U were just delivering the dialogues no expressions at all

answered Sep 20, 2016 by puneetshukla Producer (101,948 points)

Hahaha waqai....
Btw... Mjhe seriously lagta hai ye aadmi mental patient hai.

haha......thnx for ur advice

@Baadshah-Read my answer on Your KANK scene

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