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So Salman not doing Masala films now as it's not working and he didn't do SherKhan at that time as Masala Movie were working..That's what I conclude from your post though I have different opinion on it..
Where is Bhai Stardom then?
He switched to Social films since he realised that Masala Movie won't work..
It won't be surprised if Dabbang 3 will be social drama rather then Full fledge Masala film like both Prequel..

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let me answer your question ...with another question...... WHAT IS STARDOM???


A movie will work even if Star eats Biryani for 2 hours in the film.thats called STARDOM.


"A MOVIE WILL WORK....." a movie worked.... is at least a HIT verdict.

though i dont agree with your definition..... and even you yourself won't be able to agree with yourself...when...i would say.....

what happened with fan then?????? did it work.....???

by your definition ...its obvious srk doesn't have stardom......

do you wanna rethink your definition. ???

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