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So finally we know Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh have been finalised opposite Deepika Padukone in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. While Shahid will be seen playing DP’s husband Raja Raval Ratan Singh in the film. Ranveer will be seen leading the cast as the rebellious Allauddin Khilji. In fact, add to that we exclusively also got to see a glimpse of the huge sets being built at the Mehboob studios yesterday, which further confirmed the film is soon to go on floors. However, turns out Shahid put forth quite a few conditions before signing the film. Yes! Firstly, given that he has just entered his fatherhood, he isn’t ready to shoot immediately. He’s made it clear that he will shoot his sequences only after a few months. And second condition that we have secretly got to know now is how Sasha also demanded a change in script before signing the dotted line for Padmavati. Yes!

As reported by Mumbai Mirror, Sasha had a precondition that Padmavati would be a love triangle and he would have equal screen space to SLB’s favourite Ranveer Singh. Following which, Bhansali then reworked on a few portions of the script with Kapoor in mind and brought in long monologues befitting his historic strengths.” Ahem! Interesting right? I mean, all this while everyone had presumed Shahid will be playing a second fiddle to Ranveer. In fact, this was also the reason why none of the actors were keen on taking up the film before coz who wants to compromise on their screen time, that too opposite Ranveer who steals the thunder the minute he appears on the screen? But guess, Bhansali made an exception for Shahid for we believe he doesn’t want to lose a performer like Shahid at any cost now.

Not to forget, other actors who were in the running to play Deepika’s husband in Padmavati included Fawad Khan, Vicky Kaushal and Hrithik Roshan. In fact, this casting had taken an all new turn when reports further came rife that Bhansali is upset with Ranveer and is looking out for a replacement. But like they say, all’s well that ends well, we have the cast ready to roll in the next 20 days from now. PS: Shahid and Ranveer have already started bonding at the gym and seem happy to be working together. Finally!!!

in Opinion by Assistant Director (41.6k points)
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Huh?! Shahid Kapoor & demanding? Take out Rangoon, he's pretty much jobless (in his own words) with no new films.

would've been more believable if it said "Shahid Kapoor demanded Deepika to act bare foot throughout & only he'll wear high heels".

Changes in script, SLB didn't agree to that when Salman asked for it so no chance of especially Shahid Kapoor even getting allowed to make such demand.

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Shahid Kapoor is one of the finest actors of our generation and I won't be surprised if he outshines Ranveer....Both are great and versatile actors....Let's see who overshadows... Padmavati would be first 200 Cr Movie for Ranveer and Shahid if it is as good as Bajirao Mastani

by Producer (102k points)
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IMO sahid ranveer .....not so good acting style....

only looks and direction made them ...


Shahid not a good actor??
Lol..bro he is one of the very few best actors in d country..


that's your opinion.....

for me never....

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wow bhansali must be really really desperate for shahid kapoor that he is compromising so much for him over his hand made actor ranveer singh. (may be thats why he was pulling out of the movie)
i hope this doesn't happen differently when movie is done.

shahid kapoor must be non existing star in industry but he made his presence felt with that stance. ..... nice

by Star (151k points)