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Hum Aapke Hain Koun....! Blu-Ray is out on Ultra.

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I don;t know abt the Original Version.....but seen it in Theatre - 2nd Day....and almost 15+ times in theatres only after that ....damn with all the extended family/ after the other....
Theatrical version had all the songs which were there in the Cassette (by HMV - I believe) not sure if any song was missing....
may be they removed "Choco Lime Juice Ice Cream" song ....but it was later added....

by Unit Manager (30.7k points)
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first movie on theatre....

i watched Hahk....

don't know about run time.....

because watched on TV in peaces....

by Assistant Director (50.3k points)
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I have the original EROS international VHS from 1995 which is a full 3 hours 26 minutes long and has both songs "Chocolate Lime Juice" and "Mujhse Juda Hokar" which are edited out of most versions. These songs are sometimes included on Zee TV reruns. Does this Blu Ray have the original 3 hr 26 min version?

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

Yup the Blu Ray is 3hr 26mins long & with full songs... Only the VHS copy used to have the original cut... Atleast I didn't get my hands on original cut dvd as mine is 3hrs 5mins only. Zee tv too sticks to the cut version.

Next up, I hope they release the 255mins version of Mera Naam Joker which was only available in VHS overseas way back... After that it's been the cut versions being released in India & the worst one is the heavily cut 182 mins version which is currently available in India & also the tv version. Sadly, unlike HAHK I've never got to watch the original cut or even normal cut of Mera Naam Joker. Only got the heavily cut version. Wish some old generation Russians could spare us a copy of the original cut or the RK family itself releases it in India.