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Mohenjo Daro, Bombay Velvet And Fan Are Making Failure Rather Than Stardom Failure.

+3 votes
On very first note one or two failures cant let stars down.
Two these all three were making failures with sort of content they had isnt made with that much of funds.

Many targetted Ranbir for 5cr opening of Bombay Velvet and so are doing to Hrithik Roshan. But its just one wrong film for both as when they came with their normal film result will be huge. In case of Fan it was SRK which give a great opening to the sort of content and those are exceptions. So for HR fans i would say its a bad time and will pass when a Bang Bang will come.
asked Aug 13, 2016 in Movie Discussions by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (168,032 points)
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Hrithik needs to do more movies and he should do commercial Entertainer for some time now....2 movies a year is must for Hrithik now

answered Aug 13, 2016 by puneetshukla Producer (102,002 points)
selected Sep 16, 2016 by Charlie Jatinder
+2 votes

Srk no hit film for 3 years, Hrithik Roshan no hit film for 5 years, Ranbir kapoor 1 hit in 4 years

answered Feb 11, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (154,702 points)

lol how fattu you are...
sahi hai kutta hai pucch to tedhi hi rahegi..
1st you barking about loss and now comeback to another thing when I show you the figure..
but sorry it's my mistake because even after listen the same thing again & again ki kutto ke Munh nahi lagte I am keep talking to you..
so you will continue your chutiyapa
by by tommy

"bhaunkta reh office ke net par."
Bishty baabu then now and forever

True Rahil he follows me on forum like loyal doggy.

lol kutta and his raanbeep beep beep beep beep beep raahil together enjoying on same naala Abe kuttoon Ka naala hi hota hai aur Jo tum jaiso kuttoon ko roti phenke...
samajh lena tumhare pure khandaan KO un bishty baabu ne hi sambhala hota hai...
chalo jao dog dogayin kahi aur jake marwao

+1 vote

jab jai ho nhi chali ....

to WO star ki vjh se .....

apni bari ayi ....

to plti mrne wale expert log ho tum...

answered Aug 13, 2016 by power Assistant Director (46,768 points)
+1 vote

They are true blue flops
Nothing else
They incurred huge losses to people involved

answered Aug 13, 2016 by srk2617 Production Accountant (20,924 points)

Yeah i said no different if you read what i write

0 votes

Ranbir is a superstar????how???

answered Aug 13, 2016 by fullmetal Unit Manager (34,204 points)

Yes he has his following among his audience bigger than Ajay devgn and off course bigger plex star than ajay.

0 votes

Bhai Saab fan opened better due to this

answered Aug 13, 2016 by Charlie runkle™ Director (124,676 points)

And azhar opened low due to same.

0 votes

Fan and MJD deserve much better.Very sad.

answered Aug 13, 2016 by Sanal Star (143,808 points)
0 votes

Fan was making failure, agree, plus planning too, release it on 14th, would had crossed 100 crs + planning wasn't done properly and overall it was a rejected movie

MJO - what to say, this is how you make an epic historic movie..?? By dull and cheap b grade vfx..?? Just too bad and what was supposed to be one of most interesting movie for audience turned put to be one of most dull from trailer itself

Bobay Velvet - again agree, it was not a stardom failure, because Ranbore never had a stardom at first place........

answered Feb 11, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (208,106 points)

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