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Why there is no sporting culture in our country? Every parent want their kids to study all the time ....who the fu(k said "winning is not everything ? It is everything ( if done with fair play)
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Yeah you said it yourself,there is no sporting culture in India.If we leave cricket aside,then other sports don't have that much money..Many sportsmen who were once successfull in their sport are now struggling to earn money.

Arey yaha toh Games period bhi dusre subject teacher le lete hai kaha se gold aayega.

answered by Assistant Director (59.6k points)
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i think i know what you are saying and what you mean........ women sports...

in swimming i think the reason is ....women are ...simply not letting go.... in swimming you need full mobility .... their swim suits are too tight covering their leg joints.... called hips. i think they need a mirco mini bikini bottom and top..... for max output.

in beach volley balls the same thing.... they need to shorten their bikinis .... to a non existent level. for full movement of each and every muscle

answered by Director (140k points)

Tu Indian hai? You live in India? Nope. So keep your mouth shut.

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India will start excelling in sports once Maths teacher & Science teacher stop taking PT & Games period.........

answered by Super-star (194k points)


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