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Only 6 days are left until the much awaited Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro clash will happen. The buzz and hype are building up for both movies but it seems that Rustom has taken a lead.
There is a perception that romantic songs don’t help that much as party songs do. But that is not true as romantic tracks are proving more beneficial in increasing the buzz. For example, Kar Gayi Chull is labeled as the best song of the year but in reality that did not help much as far, the opening was concerned. Despite receiving an excellent response, Kapoor and Sons only collected 6.85 cr. In comparison, Sab Tere and Sanam Re helped better in providing an initial.
Meanwhile, the first song from Rustom titled as Tere Sang Yara has done the trick for the film. The song is topping each music charts and none of the track from Mohenjo Daro has even come close to its popularity. It was only after the release of Tere Sang Yara when the balance started shifting from Mohenjo Daro to Rustom.
asked in Television by Second Unit Director (72.8k points)
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Such tracks also have a much longer life as compared to party songs. Rustom team has done a wonderful job as the whole album is composed considering the theme of the film. On the other hand, Mohenjo Daro music has failed to deliver.
It will be safe to say that only one song Tere Sang Yara has outclassed Mohenjo Daro whole album.

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Sarsariya is equally good though other songs of MJO failed badly.

answered by Director (133k points)
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I dont thinked outclassed is a perfect word.
If its about class then "Sindhu Ma..." dont have a match in this year.
Yes rustom songs are melody which are more acceptable in masses

answered by Production Accountant (21.3k points)

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