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my all time favourite ....

first movie in theatre.....

coincidentally my favourite salman movie.............

ye record kbhi na tootega........

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indian cinema business is written as...........

before HAHK and after HAHK

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HAHK is the only movie I can watch repeatedly. More than 20 times at the theater and countless times at my laptop and mobile. Best bollywood film ever.

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this movie is like lord of the rings for me. everyone else praises it but i cant sit through it without falling asleep. i am yet to watch it one sitting and lotr.

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i must have tried at least 4 times i swear but I ALWAYS FALL ASLEEP or it gets too boring. the fact that i know how it ends just makes it worse


Yeah thats a downer.. Knwoing the end always spoils the experience.. I feel for you... For me LOTR is right up there with TDK trilogy as the best trilogy ever


@thekai100, sooraj barjatya is the shittiest director ever, even i havent seen hahk in one sitting ever. Salman has much better movies in the 90s apart from this shit.


jatinder "Who praise it other than Salman fans and Frustrated housewives"... well everybody praises hahk except todays youth include me too.. if hahk didnt had praise then it would had not done 5 times more business than last all time record..... si keep ur shit with u itself...

tekai... m yet to watch hahk in one sitting... there are other movies like mpk ddlj raja hindustani wch are biggest hits of khans m yet to watch all those movies in one sitting.....