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Kabali fell very badly in its Hindi and Telugu versions but the Tamil one is doing better especially in Tamil Nadu. Though even in Tamil Nadu it has faced a fall in the second week, the first week business ensures a huge blockbuster. The Hindi version dropped around 90% while the Telugu version dropped 85% and both will not recover their costs fro the distributors. The picture is different in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala where it will cover or go above the crazy prices paid for the film The Hindi version will do around 1.50 crore nett business in the second week which means a final total of around 24 crore nett while the Tamil and Telugu version in Hindi markets will add around 3.50 crore nett for a total of 27.50 crore nett..

The business of the film across India in all versions was around 145 crore nett  in the first week and the second week will gross around 30 crore nett taking the business of the film to around 175 crore nett. The lifetime business of Enthiran was 195 crore nett which is the highest grossing Tamil film across India and this may fall a little short and this will because of the business in Nizam / Andhra. In the local market Tamil Nadu, Kabali will be the highest grossing Tamil film. In Nizam / Andhra, Einthiran (Robo) had grossed a huge 55 crore nett while this will close at around 35 crore nett.

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A south Mixed-Negative WOM movie doing approx 190-200 cr NETT Lifetime is massive. Starpower true Starpower of Rajini

by Producer (109k points)
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"The picture is different in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala where it will cover or go above the crazy prices paid for the film"
"In the local market Tamil Nadu, Kabali will be the highest grossing Tamil film"

Suhas, kya ye sach hain :p ???

by Producer (112k points)

Well as far as I know, the movie has surprisingly holding on well in Tamil Nadu... It's Andhra/Telangana where the movie crashed badly becoming a big loss maker. In Tamil Nadu, I believe Kabali is now the highest grosser.

Not sure about the Karnataka although I think in some centres the Tamil version might've had some sort of hold through the first week. As of now, Kabali is way down in Karnataka. What BOI meant is solely for the initial business (huge business) Kabali did in Karnataka & Kerala.

Thankfully, the Tamil original version has outperformed itself considering it's weak content. Highly surprised. It's an achievement by itself that the film wasn't rejected post the first weekend. Feel good for the superstar for Kabali not going Lingaa way.

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Fake ! Fake ! Fake ! BOI Underestimate Kabali Da . Kabali already cross 600cr Worldwide. Where is Box office figure from Mars & Pluto ?
Bolly site always Jealous to South Indian success.
Sultan 4 week : 550cr
Kabali 2 Week : 670cr
Who is baap ?

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)

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